1st Week

Gromit and I arrived safely in New Joosey– he was a little freaked out on the take off , but cool as a cucumber the rest of the way.  Met a lady who was traveling on the same flight with her cat and she slipped me a little “happy pill” in case he went ballistic!!

The first night I arrived we had dinner at Japonais and went to see Fuerzabruta.  If you have never been, it is a crazy show.  It lasts an hour and you stand the whole time.  The stage area moves around, so the whole crowd moves with it.  At the very end, there is a huge piece of Plexiglas that is lowered over the crowd.   There are four girls who spin, dance, and fly across it. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  Japonais was great.  I had the steamed buns with BBQ pork in them with a very tasty Lychee martini.
The second day, Lou’s boss gave her box seat tickets to the Giants game.  I think the endless trays of cold cuts amazed me more than the actual game. Afterwards, we parked at Hooboken and went straight to Magnolia’s Bakery for a 6-pack of cupcakes.  The red velvet was to die for.  
Our next stop was Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill.  We both ordered the roasted pumpkin soup.  It was like sipping a rich pumpkin pie, only it was topped off with pomegranate and pumpkin seeds and washed down with a nice Austrian white wine.
I’ve done a few trial runs this week; trying to find the shortest distance from train to school.
I happened to come across New York Burger Company.  If you like burgers, this is the place to go!!  They were filming Law & Order today across from the school.  I think there was eye contact between Ice-T and myself at one point!! Ha-Ha!!
School starts on Tuesday of next week and looking forward to it.  I’ve got my new address, so if anyone would like it, just let me know.  Hope all is well with everyone!  Ciao

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