Zagat Saturday Begins

Today started out with a stroll through Soho and a visit to V0sges  for a box of organic peanut butter cups.  Lou took us on an in-depth, deep in the bowels purse hunt on Canal street. There were stairwells and hallways that I thought for sure would lead to our premature death.  But alas hidden doorways revealed all the Gucci, Coach and Channel you could ask for. After hours of walking we found an obscure massage store deep in China town and got the cheapest and most wonderful foot massage for a whopping $25.00!   We made our way to Mahayana Buddhist Temple that has the largest U. S. Buddhist statue in it.  You drop a buck in a donation box and get a wisdom quote for the day!  We made our way to stroll through Little Italy and caught the F train to our first Zagat destination…. Quality Meats.  Our meal began with an  Cantena Argentinean Cabernet 2005.  Lou ordered an amazing appetizer that had the following ingredients layered… slightly roasted tomatoes, chunk crab meat, avocado, sprouts, topped off with a little lemon juice.  Beyond delicious.  We shared a trio of fillets (Beef Wellington, Bearnaise sauce with crab meat/asparagus, and pepper corn), spicy haricot verts with cashews and the most amazing mashed potatoes.  Dessert was a pomegranate & pear sorbet.  We gave the overall experience 4 Rockette High Kicks!!  

School starts in two days!!

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