Zagat Bust

This weekend was just beautiful in Manhattan.  Sun was out, weather was in the 60’s, and Gucci was in sight.  Three lovely floors!!  Lou and I started our day out with an appointment at Anastasia Eyebrow Studio.  (There is one at Nordstroms in International Plaza).  It is the best $32.00 you will ever spend.  We enjoyed 5th Ave for a bit and wandered over to Carnegie Deli .

Zagat said the sandwiches could feed an army and they weren’t joking.  My corned beef on rye was huge!  I ended up eating only half and paid it forward to a bum in the park with the other half.  Overall, the sandwich was a bust.  Nothing special.  We sat down at the bandshell and watched the roller skaters.  I’ve included a video link so you can enjoy the scene that goes on. Check out Lou’s Blog as well.  She has a good picture and funny description of the afternoon.
For dinner we came back to Florham Park and ate at A Taste of Asia.  They had multiple Zagat awards, but again just average Asian food.  
This week at school has been really amazing.  We got our knives assigned and at least half of the people in our class ended up with some kind of cut. The knives were super sharp and quite scary.  Over the week we learned both French and Japanese knife skills, and had to decide on Friday, what knife we preferred.  Next was fruit identification.  The class ended up cutting 25-30 different types of fruit and sampling all of them.  We also did vegetable identification.  Our teacher (Chef Alex) was a true inspiration. For 4 hours she cooked every vegetable know to man and we sampled them all.  It was amazing to see what really good quality vegetables, oil, and sea salt could do to the taste. Hope everyone is doing well!

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