Three Ring Circus

The cats are still arch enemies. This picture documents the calm before the storm!  The squirt bottles have been a blessing. Lou and I are moving into her townhouse in 9 days and hoping the extra rooms will give the cats some more space.      This week I went to Carnegie Hall to see Isabel Bayrakdarian.  She is an Armenian Soprano. My grandfather was Armenian and had a 16 year-old sister that was kidnapped by the Turks during the genocide.  His parents fled Armenia and came to the U.S.  The music sung by Isabel was composed by Gomidas Vartabed.  He is recognized as the father of Armenian  classical music.  The concert was haunting and beautiful at the same time.  It was surreal to be sitting at Carnegie Hall and listening to music that is part of my heritage.   

Cooking school has been so much fun.  We actually starting COOKING this week.  We are learning all types of dry and moist cooking techniques.  The fun part is actually eating all the goods after we are done.  The teachers and students have all been great.  Everyone is getting along and it is so nice to be around a group of people who not only eat healthy, but want to live a healthy lifestyle.  
Zagat this week was Molyvos. It is a Greek restaurant two blocks down from Carnegie Hall. I started dinner with a “green martini.”  It consisted of organic lavender vodka, Limoncello, and lemon/lime juice. For dinner I had the pre-fixe menu. First course was Dolmades (Stuffed Grape Leaves). They were filled with Arborio rice, tomatoes, sweet peppers, and pine nuts with a yogurt garlic sauce. 2nd course was Black Fish from Long Island on a bed of local squash, onions, tomatoes, green olives and herbs. 3rd course was dessert called Ravani; which was toasted almond vanilla cake with cinnamon cream. The whole meal was topped of with a glass of 2006 Sauvignon Blanc Moschofilero, Ktima Lantides,  from Peloponnese! 
The weather has really changed here this past week.  High in the 50’s and low 30’s in the night.
The leaves have begun to change and it is really beautiful here in Joosey land.

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