Moved to Morristown

Lou and I moved into her new place last weekend and it is adorable.  It has a lot of square footage, so the cats have been okay- not great-but okay.  Train station is 3 blocks away. Morristown has a great downtown- several wine stores, movie theater, shops, restaurants, etc. The town is know for the seeing eye dog school.  I haven’t spotted any pups in training yet.

Cooking school continues to be wonderful.  We learned all about sea vegetables, grains, beans, and soybean products this week.  As well as, cooked up a storm. If anyone wants an amazing hummus recipe, please email me and I’ll send it along. It is a bit time consuming, because you have to soak the chickpeas overnight, but I promise, it is SO WORTH the effort.
Lou and I met for dinner in Manhattan this week at Savoy.  The chef gets many of his food selections from local farmers.  We tried the charcuterie and cheese plate.  The cheese plate had honey from a NY rooftop hive, as well as local cheeses.  The white wine I had was a Rkatsiteli-Dr. Konstantin from the Finger Lakes area. On the sweet side, but very crisp.
This past week I’ve ventured out after school was over with and hit the following places.
What can I say??? Just please order a cup of the spicy hot chocolate, if you are ever in town.
Kim turned me onto their jewelry. The black crystal chandelier in the store is stunning!
Great yoga clothes- There is a store in Winter Park, Orlando too!
Every spice know to man is available.
Can you say every imaginable loose tea available???
This past weekend Lou and I had dinner at a local Italian restaurant called Guerriero’s.  Uncle Jack is on the home page.  Lou works with his nephew, so we get lots of kisses and extra vino when we go.  Saturday we had dinner with some of my classmates at a restaurant called         Raw Soul in Harlem.  Lou had to hit McDonald’s before hand!  Ha-Ha!
One of my classmates brought along her friend who got us into the Latin Quarter for FREE!!
I learned a few salsa steps and stood out like a pinata. 
Lou and I are sitting with Laurent in the picture. He is French and in my cooking class.  Crazy, funny guy!
Have a great week!  

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  1. Anonymous

    Melissa…send me your hummus recipe! Love keeping up with your blog…found it through Lou’s blog….Lou’s friend Susie B-

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