Soup Week

It was great fun at cooking school this week!  We did soups, stews, pureed soups, flavored vinegar dressings and sauces and learned how to make slurries.  Pretty much everyone made one, so each day we tried 16 different items.  I ended up making a cream of mushroom soup, tarragon & champagne vinegar dressing, and Borscht soup. 

The weather is still warm here and getting away with wearing a light sweater and jacket. My friend Kelly is coming into town next week and we have an action packed weekend planned. She has never been to NY, so really excited to show her the Big Apple.  Lou has worked her tail off getting her place decorated and it is so beautiful!  
My friend Nir was in town this week and we took a drive out to Brooklyn to see the nation’s largest Kosher grocery store called Pomegranate.  20,000 square feet- The highlight of the evening was dinner at Cafe Gitane.   It is a blend of French-Moroccan food.  I ordered the cous cous which had chicken, potatoes, eggplant, raisins and was topped off with a dollop of hummus on the top.  
This week a few classmates and I went to a really cool wine bar and enjoyed an Austrian white along with some delectable olives. Saturday’s first stop was an unbelievable book store that contained every imaginable cook book known to man.  One of the teachers at school recommended it and it was really worth the trip.  I got back on the Metra and went all the way down to Bleeker Street to check out a movie at an independent theater but Slumdog Millionaire must be hot, because the next five showings of it were sold out.  Bummer!!!
So back on the Metra to Canal Street to visit a Thai Market.  The owner recommended a restaurant to me called  Hop Kee.  Sorry no website, they are off the grid!  I told him that I didn’t want to eat where the tourists go and since I saw only Chinese people in the place, I knew he hooked me up good.  I ordered the pan fried sea bass.  The plate arrives with this ENORMOUS piece of fish.  The waiters kept stopping by my table to make comments about how I should eat it, why was I taking the skin off, that was the best part, etc.  In the end, I think the take-home portion weighed more than my bag of books.  Craxy!
Have a great week!

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