Thanksgiving Weekend

School ended on Wednesday, with a trip to Magnolia’s Bakery for some cupcakes.  The line was already around the corner when I arrived at 2:00.  Headed home to marinate the turkey and get ready for a full-on cooking day for Thursday. Louise’s friend Kimmie came into town and I had a friend from class come over as well.  For appetizers Louise made her famous Italian stuffed mushrooms along with baked Brie in a crescent roll. I had decided to make a Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Breast with Hazelnut Mole  The mole sauce was quite involved and had to be made four days in advanced, but was worth the effort.  My second dish was a caramelized onion-potato gratin.  Louise cooked up  Martha Stewart’s Sweet Potatoes with Caramelized Apples and Haricots Verts,  Roasted Fennel, & Shallots.  We also had a side dish of roasted brussels sprouts & cauliflower.  Dessert was a bust- MarieBelle chocolate mousse.  The whole evening was wrapped up in a giant recycling bin of 5 empty bottles of champagne!  Everyone had a great time and Louise’s townhouse was officially broken in with her first holiday party.

After all that feasting, I had decided to take a break and head up to Rosendale, NY on Friday. I stayed at Sky Lodge and took a class on “Kitchen Wisdom.”  The overall theme was bringing mindfulness to cooking.  The small group shopped at a local food co-op and planned a meal for 16 people that evening.  Why I thought cooking another big meal after Thanksgiving was a good idea, not so sure, but it ended up being a wonderful time.  It was really nice to shop from local farmers and cook a meal for a group of lovely people.  The lodge is embedded in a hill, nestled up to a river and couldn’t have asked for a more serene atmosphere.  I slept like a baby and throughly enjoyed waking up to snow on Sunday morning.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I miss you all!

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