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The last few weeks have been really busy between Christmas and planning our graduation dinner.  Christmas break was great visiting with family and friends.  I got to spend a beautiful day with my nieces.  Louise, Kim and I went to Kripalu for New Years’ Eve.  At lunch time we met Wade Morissette who put on an amazing concert that night. Kim invented her own lyrics, which will go down in the history books. LOL!!  We had a spa night down at the sauna, steaming with some essential oils, face mask, and manicures.  It snowed about foot, so we ended up sledding for about two runs and had to return frozen!  I’ve gone to a few really nice places and restaurants since my last post and wanted to share:

Dirt Candy  I thought Candle was a great vegetarian restaurant, but this one blows it away.  The chef is a graduate of Natural Gourmet.  It seats 16 and and you end up amazed at what dishes come out of the kitchen.  The portobello mouse, grapefruit pops, and Greek salad are out of this world. 

Blossom So-s0 vegetarian food.  
ICE  Took a cooking class here based on the Billionaire’s Vinegar book.  Kitchens were amazing and ate like a crazy person!!
Cathedral Church of St. John Beautiful cathedral!  Snow was coming down and the stain glass windows made it extra special
Tom’s Restaurant This is the place you always see in the Seinfeld episodes.
Ellis Island To know that my great grandfather came through here, was really a special moment.  The sun was out, hardly no one around in the great hall- it was a magical moment I’ll never forget.
Billy’s Bakery The red velvet cupcakes were out of this world.  Watch out Magnolia’s! 
And last but not least, the subway experience.  Read about it for yourself… and then click on the Today Show video.  It was a true New York experience. And to top it off, I found out the next day that one of my classmates participated in this.
Graduation dinner is February 20th- 6 weeks away.  We are planning a great dinner- so book your tickets fast! Ciao-

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