Weekend Get Away

I lost my camera…total bummer….and the new one I bought has not been mastered yet.  So here is a link to the picture that was going to be posted.  It was snowing like crazy when I took the shot and the background was blue.  This picture is much prettier!  Went to Providence, RI and stayed at the Renaissance.  The hotel faced the capitol building and was really beautiful. On Sunday the trip consisted of heading East to Cape Cod.  Drove through Sandwich, East Sandwich, and Barnstable.  Wanted to get a sandwich at Sandwich, but nothing was really open.  Ending up having lunch at The Barnstable Restaurant & Tavern.  The whole town was basically closed up and the people seemed to be in this slow time warped mode.  I think the cold has affected them in a strange way. On Monday drove on down to Newport, which was a beautiful little town on the water.  I was able to get some delicious hot chocolate at a shop in Bannister’s Wharf.  The area was really quaint and I’m sure in the summer time it is beautiful.  Only a few more weeks of school left.  There are actually only 21 days of school-time left.  Plan on hitting a few more restaurants before I leave the Big Apple.  Hope everyone is doing well!! 

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