Great week in NY

Since I am down to the wire here in NY- 15 school days left…the pressure is on to go do all I can before heading out.  This week I went to the Broadway Panhandler cooking store. There is a great selection of knives and tons of cooking utensils.  This week also included a class at Artisanal Cheese.  The class was on cheeses, condiments, and wine.  The class focused on Armenian preserves from Harvest Song. All of the fruit is hand-picked from small farmers and pesticide-free. There are no artificial ingredients, just straight up fruit.  We tried the golden fig, sour cherry, apple & pear, quince, apricot and walnut.  At the very end, she broke out the tea rose preserve.  It sounds a little gross, but was by far the best one.  And to make the evening more special, as I was leaving, she walked up to me and gave me the jar.  I told her how my grandfather was Armenian and that I would be sharing the jar with my mother in a few weeks. Snorhakal em!

Friday night was my last day of stewarding hours for school. (In other words, working for free!) That was a cause for celebration, so instead of heading back to Jersey late, I booked a room at The Library Hotel.  The hotel was beautiful and stayed on the 9th floor-history and geography. The evening consisted of a nice bathrobe, a chilled bottle of Veuve, room service, and a few favorite movies.   In the afternoon, Louise and I met up and had a great lunch at Cafe Gitane in Soho.  Their logo is a cat paw print, and not sure how it was done, but the top of my hot cocoa was dusted with dark chocolate in the shape of a paw print. We hit Canal Street to get Lou a purse and me a foot rub. Cannoli and tea at La Bella Ferrara Cafe in Littly Italy. Then, dinner at Mas. We had the 6 course tasting menu.  We opted with going off the menu and letting the chef choose the courses.  It was unlike anything I’ve experienced to date.  Each plate got better and better. The decor, service, and food was top-notch. Not to mention the dessert and the red wine from Provence.  On the way home going through Penn Station we came upon the violin shredder.  Please check out Lou’s blog in a few days to get the play by play. It was a riot. This morning caught up on some much needed sleep, had breakfast in Whippany along with 45 degree weather and some sun on my face.  Almost forgot, mom told me about Dogmatic. Hit that place b/f checking into the hotel. Thanks for the tip!  

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