Beautiful Weekend in NY

The weather really turned warm this weekend and I was able to put away the scarf and gloves for a short while.  Friday night was Group A’s dinner at school. It was a great time and so proud of all the hard work that went into their Provence-themed dinner.  For me, the highlight was the dessert. Berry sorbet & vanilla bean ice cream on lavender cookies, topped off with edible flowers and a kiwi coulis. Saturday morning brought breakfast at Moonlight Diner. Later that afternoon booked a ticket on the Circle Line Cruise.  This was the perfect way to spend a sunny day in the city.  The cruise was three hours long and toured the whole island of Manhattan.  It was such a unique way to see Manhattan and really appreciate all the great beauty the city has to offer. After the cruise ended headed over to Brooklyn to see a beer garden that one of the chefs at school told the class about. The inside was all dark wood, lots of good beer choices, and a grill in the back serving up all types of sausages, fries, and pretzels. Sunday began with a top-notch lunch served at Quantum Leap. Laura from school shared one of her veggie burgers with me the other day and knew I had to get over there.  Ordered the Big Leap burger.  Veggie burger topped with avocado, onion rings, lettuce, tomato, and BBQ sauce.  Then headed over to a funky shoe store called Mooshoes.  All Vegan shoes with three resident cats welcoming you throughout your visit.  Upon exiting the store, across the street I spied barrels of pickles. Eight huge barrels containing 4 different type of pickles along with 4 different forms of sauerkraut, mushrooms, and peppers. What was a girl to do??? I opted for the hot pickle and throughly enjoyed ever bite- my lips were stinging long after the pickle was gone.  The night ended with the broadway show Billy Elliot. Okay, I love broadway shows, for God sakes…Wicked three times… but BE was just not happening for me.  Not sure what the deal was, but music, backdrop, etc. was just off.  Maybe because I loved the movie so much I was expecting a lot…don’t know.  Only 12 more days left of school and then off to CA.  I will be doing my internship at Millennium.   The restaurant is in San Francisco and looking forward to some warmer weather.  Mom and Dad arrive in a few weeks and scored us a reservation at Per Se.  After Dad goes Vegan for our dinner, I’m sure he will be ready for a 9 course meal! Have a wonderful week!


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