Family weekend

This past weekend I had a wonderful time meeting up with my relatives.  My Godmother Dee-Dee and her husband Dominic came and got me and we headed to the Bronx. Our first stop was Arthur Ave.  Famous for all things Italian. We stopped in a deli and got some dried pasta, then headed over to a bakery for a Cappuccino and some goodies. My Aunt Gloria wanted us to pick up  St. Joseph pastries. The cannoli filled one was so tasty!! I pulled the link up because I had never heard of these pastries before or why they were made only once a year. Afterwards, we headed to my Great Uncle Joey’s home to have dinner. What a pleasure it was to finally meet him and enjoy some baked ziti with smoked mozzarella. The gravy was homemade and been cooking since 7 a.m. Gotta love having Italian relatives!! The following day was breezy and crisp so headed over to Central Park to enjoy the sunshine and have some wine at The Boathouse.  One of the chefs at school had scheduled a dinner at Buddakan.  Now for all you fans of Sex and The City movie, go back to the scene of Carrie and Mr. Big’s engagement party.  That is Buddakan, and yes got to sit at the same table!  The design of the restaurant was really beautiful.  The evening consisted of a tour of the kitchen by one of the chefs and a sampling of about 12 different dishes.  Patty from school is in one of the pictures. The desserts were the highlight of the menu.  Here are a few more places I hit.  Babycakes  Katz’s Deli Rosa Mexicano  Mom and Dad will be here in two days and our school dinner is this Friday. Can’t believe the end is near. 


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