Friday Night Dinner

Our Friday Night Dinner finally arrived and it was such an amazing experience. Mom and Dad flew in and it was such a pleasure having them there to support me.  The dinner was four courses with a Spanish theme. The preparation was two full days of laughing, cooking, and wrapping up five months of culinary school.  I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends to work with.

Mom and Dad stayed here through the weekend and as usual we got in lots of food and wine.
Saturday started with a four hour lunch at Per Se.  We sat at a window that overlooked Columbus Circle and Central Park. Each course was presented beautifully and had impeccable service. The most memorable dish was a mushroom cappuccino.  I was served a white art deco mug that began with a mushroom soup base, topped with a white foam, dried mushroom sprinkles with two mushroom biscotti. It was a beautiful afternoon and was so happy to have shared the lunch with my parents.  Afterwards, Mom and I went to a bookstore that carried just cook books and decided to head back to the hotel change and head out for MORE food.  I had some tea rose petal preserves that had been saved and we needed some great cheese to have with it.  We headed over to Murray’s Cheese Shop. Our purchase was two really nice goat cheeses, along with a cave-aged Gruyere from Switzerland and some olives.  Next door was Amy’s Bread, so we picked up a Tuscan loaf and headed back to the hotel for a little snack.
On Sunday, Mom decided we needed to do a chocolate tour of NY and had our list of shops all printed out and ready to go.  First stop was Pure Dark on Bleecker Street.  The guy at the counter didn’t have a name for the daily mix yet so decided to name it after me- said I was going to be famous for three days!! Second stop was Kee.  We found out that there was an actual chocolate tour going on that day and they were arriving in a few minutes.  So we scooted off to have an amazing lunch at Balthazar.  Mom and I ended up sharing the caramelized onion – goat cheese tart and a salad.  The restaurant was packed and had heard from a friend that all their food was good.  Our third stop was Divalicious Chocolate.  We enjoyed a messy plate of S’mores and ran into the chocolate tour, where the owner proceeded to tell them that Mom and I were the original chocolate tour!! Fourth stop was Bespoke. And our final stop was Bond Street Chocolates.  They were closed when we arrived, but with enough fake tears and the fact that we just didn’t have enough chocolate, she opened the store and I was able to purchase a chocolate Buddha.  Is that sacrilege to eat it????  So with all that walking and over indulgence of chocolate, I went to June’s Day Spa- crazy Asian spa and got some reflexology done.  That night we had dinner- food was not good, so not even going to post the restaurant name.  School has wrapped up and had a final night out with my classmates.  Gromit and I have arrived all in one piece in California.  There is not internet connection at my Aun’t home, so will probably be checking my email once a week.  Oh ya, it is 65 degrees here in San Fran!!!  Woohoo!!!

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