The fun begins….

Just when I thought things would settle down Millennium was a bust.  Long story, but between the roaches, filthy kitchen, and lack of civil behavior I quit.  I’m looking to start at Plant Cafe next week if all goes well. The chef is a graduate of NGI and is looking to open two more places in San Francisco in May.  He uses all organic ingredients, has wine, and rides his bike to work.  The weather here is gorgeous- been in the 60’s, sunshine.  I’ve tried a few places.  Green’s To Go.  This is a vegetarian restaurant with the most amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge.  I tried a veggie sandwich and mushroom something something. My next stop was the Ferry Building.  Got some gelato and tasted some unique olive oils.  Took the cable car up to the Marina area.  After a harrowing ride on Bus 30- which included multiple strung out- gas emitting bums, I stopped in at A16 for lunch. Great Italian restaurant.  I was able to sit at the Chef’s bar and watch all the cooking going on.  Happy to say it was clean and roach free!!  Along the way I happened to come across Kara’s Cupcakes.  Sorry to all you Magnolia Bakery fans, but this place takes top honors!!  I got the vanilla coconut and raspberry chocolate.  The cupcakes are made fresh every day and they are delicious.  As you can see, Gromit has settled into his new home with Aunt Rose.


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