A little this…A little that

Let’s start with the food…. Had dinner at an Italian restaurant called Palio d’Asti.  The  food was just average, however the dessert was a winner.  Mignardise di Cioccolati Amedei.  In other words, CHOCOLATE.  Amedei is a single origin organic chocolate company in Tuscany.  They get the cocoa beans from Chuao Valley in South America and bring them back to Tuscany to be roasted, fermented, and made into little pieces of love! After a little research,  found out they were available at Chocolatier Blue in Berkeley. So far the damage is..two milk chocolate bars, individual pieces of caramel apple, caramel, palet d’or, and hazelnut.  I went to the University of Berkeley after getting some chocolate, wine, and olives and sat out on one of the many lawns in front of the library and got in some great people watching.  Skinny Caucasian boy getting his party on with his Diabolo, (picutre 4 little Chinese girls in La Nuba), a Muslim soccer game with drum accompaniments, and some “right on” Frisbee throwing! Next stop this week was a really cool tea lounge.  I mainly went for the food, but ended up relaxing there with a pot of tea and enjoying the piece and quiet. It is called Samovar and was situated across the street from the San Francisco Buddhist Zen Temple. Okay, now for the sights. Took a stroll through the Golden Gate State Park. Found out it is the same shape as Central Park, only a smidge larger- 174 acres. Ran across some Native Americans having a little party.  Got some nachos and enjoyed the powwow.  Walked along a bit more and came across the de Young Fine Arts Museum.  They were having the Bouquets to Art exhibit.  There were some really amazing floral arrangements. The final touristy thing this week was a trip to Alcatraz Island.  It was so cold and depressing, I hope to never see the inside of a prison again.  And on a funny note, the catering company that I am interning with does a weekly catering event for the Berkeley Cannabis Coop. They make them “hemp” cookies, chicken “pot” pie, and “pot” roast.  The catering company doesn’t actually add anything “extra” to the food but just incorporates the name only. I guess the attendees bring along the latest to “discuss.”  Which in turn requires extra food to be made because I guess the dudes get the munchies half way through their meeting.  In one of the pics, spotted this little hummingbird just hanging out. Ciao-


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