Landing in Brooklyn

April Fool’s Day arrived with me sitting in an apartment in Brooklyn, going “what in the heck???” It was sad and frustrating to see CA not work out.  And after a 10 minute session (maybe longer) of me chalking the entire CA experience up to a waste of time & money, I decided to embrace it and move on.  No more looking back with regrets.  A few things that occurred before I left.  One, was Earth Hour on March 28th.  Over 88 countries world-wide participated in this event.  So at 8:30 p.m. I headed up to the roof deck and snapped this photo of the Golden Gate Bridge.  And on a sunny, not too windy day, I trekked it across the Golden Gate Bridge. What a view!  It was a little unnerving looking down, but was surprised to see dolphins and sea lions swimming around. Nothing like a little dolphin face to make you forget you are 4200 feet above the water. One of the last places I ate in San Francisco, was Chez Pannise.  The chef has done a lot of work with changing the school lunches being served to children by planting gardens.  She was also involved in the campaign asking Obama to plant a garden at the White House.  The restaurant is a very unassuming building, small little sign out front, but as you walk upstairs it transforms into a cozy, elegant room.  My Aunt and I split the tasting menu. First course was a salad, second course was hand-made pasta with roasted cauliflower, currants, & red pepper flakes.  To date, it is the best (non-red sauce) pasta I have ever had. Dessert was Mandarin sorbet with little nut cookies. And as an extra bonus, Aunt Rose treated me to the chef’s new cookbook for my upcoming birthday.  I’ve been in NY now a little over a week and have one day, YES ONE MORE DAY LEFT of my internship.  Dirt Candy has been a lot of fun.  I’ve learned a lot about their recipes.  Amanda, the owner, really takes the time to explain the reasoning behind why she does things; which explains why her food is so wonderful.  She adds layer upon layer of flavors to such ordinary ingredients, that just brings out the best flavors. Here is an article about her.  In exploring Brooklyn, I have come across the best chocolate.  Mast Brothers.  These guys exchange their chocolate bars for beer at the local pub and for favors they need in helping out the business.  They are only open on the weekends and plan on going there this Sunday to get a tour.  Supposedly they roast the cacao beans themselves.  Sunday was a rainy day so headed over to Grom and then to IFC to see Enlighten Up!  It was a great film about a guy trying out yoga and what he discovered along the way. Next movie up is Gomorrah.  Naples Mafia thing…. I’ve been sending out a ton of resumes and have an interview for Tuesday.  Also, going to try and keep this blog more food related- think I’ve gotten off track a little bit- hence the name change. Happy Easter to everyone!  


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