The new phrase of the day is “patience and fortitude.”  ( just learned the lions outside the NY Public Library are thus named and thought it was fitting for my endless job search-free tours are given every day at 2:00).  I’ve been known to start a meal with dessert first, so thought it was only fitting to start my job search here in the Big Apple with TheDessert Truck.  All things considered equal, I decided to go with the molten lava chocolate cake.  A little oil olive, a little salt, and topped off with almonds.  Oh ya!
 My first stop to do research on where to apply was Le Pain Quotidien.  They source a lot of organic ingredients for the menu and the design of the stores also includes recycled material. There are two new stores going up-one on 5th Ave. and the other at the Untied Nations.  For lunch I tried the black bean hummus. It was topped off with roasted red peppers, avocado, cucumber, and radishes.  The bread was fresh and I polished the whole thing off.

Another food event I went to was the Brooklyn Food Conference.  I had an appointment with Joel Bukiewicz over at Cut Brooklyn to look at his chef knives and he had a few on display at the conference.  There seemed to be a lot of speakers there giving lectures, all types of “homemade” “healthy” food and a groovy granola band playing.  I was starving so, it was time to bug out.  When I happened to walk by Sweet Melissa’s Patisserie.  Did I mention they have a bee for their logo too??? Too cute!  And to wrap up this past weeks’ food adventures, my last dinner spot was at 4 Course Vegan. Every Saturday night, the chef (who happens to be a graduate from the same school) prepares “obviously” four courses in his home. It is in Williamsburg, a few blocks walk from the Metro. Most nights he serves around 20-25 people.  The menu started off with Fresh Fava Bean Crostade, Portabello-wrapped asparagus salad, sunflower “burger” with a rocking horseradish-ketchup sauce, and wrapped up with a dessert of chocolate coconut torte. This was a nice relaxed, laid back evening. 

And last, but certainly not least is my favorite tea place. You walk in and you feel like you have left Manhattan behind.  They have about 8 desserts and for the sake of this blog I will have to force myself to try every one and report on it.  So here is the second one- raspberry mouse cake. It went down way too fast!


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  1. Norma

    Hey Melissa…Thoroughly enjoyed your Blog… please keep me posted on future writings. I never knew the names of those beautiful Lions sitting outside of NYC’s Public Library… love that place!!!! Thx again for the kind words..xo

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