Field Trip, Fiasco, and FOR REAL sightings!!

Yes, that is Ralph Cifaretto (a.k.a Joe Pantoliano) from the Sopranos (Check out Season 3).  I happened to be at yoga minding my own business when in he walks.  Nothing like seeing a Capo of the Aprile Crew in downward facing dog. 

And no, he didn’t put a hit out on Gromit, but you should see the other guy! Not pretty!

Memorial Day Week gave way to a foodie field trip with my partner in crime Laura.  We hit a few restaurants.  One was the CIA in Hyde Park, NY.  The campus was spectacular and lunch at the Italian restaurant was super good.  

I had an asparagus salad topped with a fried egg and tons of Parmesan cheese. Artichoke Risotto and dessert was Gorgonzola Cheese with caramelized pears.  
Next stop was Blue Hill Farm.   The restaurant is located in Pocantico Hills, NY. This is a working farm to table restaurant.  There are 80 acres of gardens, pastures and woods. The salad we shared was probably one of the freshest I’ve ever tasted.  Our lunch consisted of a frittata,  goat cheese/asparagus topped on flat bread, and a lightly dressed salad. 

The final stop was a restaurant called Bloodroot. This is a feminist vegetarian eatery that has been around for 32 years.  You order your food from one of the owners as you walk in. Then hand your ticket over to the other owner, who is in the kitchen.  You get called up when it is ready and must bus your own dishes.  Sound strange??? It’s not.  This place is one of the most charming places to date.  The owners came and visited with us multiple times while we ate. They found out we were recent culinary graduates, which led to a great conversation and a free lesson on the art of weaving on the loom.  There is a small bookstore in the back, they also sell fair trade coffee beans, chocolate, herbs and vegetables. 
Since life is always evolving and the only thing you can count on is change, I’ve decided to change up this blog a bit.  For one, I went to culinary school. I think there should be some actual cooking of mindful meals done with my own hands.  Two, I’m amazed by the great photography done on other food blogs and hope to impart my own style here.  Three, if a restaurant REALLY inspires me I’ll write an entry on it.  What I’ve discovered on this culinary journey is that the best meals I’ve had have been sitting at a table surrounded by family or friends and enjoying the simplicity of food that has been cooked by their own hands.  
Oh, and my favorite tea house…… Cha’an.  (Chocolate Souffle with a raspberry coulis)


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