Let the birthday month begin!

First things first, an update on Gromit.  As you can see from the picture, he has adjusted quite nicely since coming back to his old bachelor pad.  The cast comes off on June 16th and he is looking forward to a bath and some nummies!  Word on the street is his arch rival Pango has healed nicely, but declined on a rematch after the multiple bite wounds he incurred.

As my family and friends know fortunately or unfortunately, I celebrate the entire month of June, not just the actual day.  So to start things off on the right foot, I decided to make a recipe from David Lebovitz’s  new book The Sweet Life in Paris.  The recipe is called Dulce De Leche Brownies.  (Yes, I know…I squealed out loud too). Since I am trying to be “mindful” about the things I prepare (not sure where brownies fit in to that scenario, but a girl has to eat) I adapted of few of the ingredients to be more healthy. Here is the mise en place all ready to go.

I really wish I could share in the actual smell of these things baking.  It is truly decedent.  Here is the recipe and just found out David made his own dulce de leche as well.

A few of the changes I made was to buy really high quality organic butter.  Our milk products these days are really horrendous. Check out the link.  Of course the quality of chocolate is imperative.  The eggs were organic, free-range.  Chickens aren’t vegetarian and I think we have been sold a bill of goods when the package says.. “Free range- Vegetarian Fed.”  All that means is these poor chickens are being fed organic soy products which aren’t part of their natural diet and get a nice view of the outdoors. The vanilla was the REAL DEAL, not imitation.  My flour was organic, not bleached and enriched.  The dulce de leche I found was made in Chile and seemed to be a better quality than the other brands.  Here is the final result!  Enjoy!


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