Dives and Delights

This week I am in Connecticut visiting a friend. The food here is so delicious and so happy she enjoys food as much as I do.  The places range from the Black Duck Cafe which was featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins & Dives to The SchoolHouse in Cannondale. The Black Duck is this great bar that has the most amazing lobster rolls and onion rings. And the Schoolhouse is on my top three places that I’ve ever dined at. The place is actually an old school house from 1872.  The chef is Tim LaBant, who attend Johnson & Wales University. They have “recess” on Friday which is really happy hour out on the patio next to the river.  The comment card is actually a report card which the diners can score their experience from an A through F. Tim comes out and greats every guest and asks about the service, food, etc.  I can’t say enough about this place.  The food is out of this world, the interior is cozy and charming, and the fact that they support local sustainable agriculture is just an extra bonus. Later this week is a road trip to Woodstock, NY to visit a vegetarian restaurant.  And last but not least, I just went and saw Food Inc. So not to get too preachy, but if you care about food and what is going on with how it is being brought to our table, please go see it.  For those in Tampa, it is showing at the Tampa Theater right now.


DSC01366 DSC01367


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