Peace, Love, and….Pate??

Next month will be the 40th anniversary of Woodstock and what better way to celebrate then a road trip there. So between tie-dye yoga pants, peace earrings and incense, our main destination was a place called the Garden Cafe. This is a vegetarian restaurant that opened in 2006.  The place is small, maybe 20 seats and is located on the main street of the town.  As soon as we got there the biggest storm I’ve ever seen blew in, and that includes the tropical storms in Florida. So lucky for us we scored a table and proceeded to eat for the next two hours.  Appetizers included a delicious roasted carrot- toasted sesame seed pate, baby spinach grapefruit salad, and a Mexican corn souffle with a roasted Chipolte tomato coulis.


Each of us got an entree to share. First up was a garden bowl filled with black bean/barley salad, corn, zucchini, & tomato saute with sauteed greens. Next was a black bean & roasted sweet potato burger topped off with guacamole and salsa. Last, a portabella mushroom panini with roasted peppers, caramelized onion and garlic aioli on homemade wheat foccacia.



As the storm took down trees and sent the hippies running for cover dessert was in order. We got mango sorbet and a luscious chocolate brownie with warm fudge sauce.


I think we ate pretty much everything and took very little home.  The Garden Cafe was an unexpected surprise with really fresh ingredients.  We had a wonderful afternoon exploring Woodstock and am looking forward to the movie being released in August called Taking Woodstock.




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2 responses to “Peace, Love, and….Pate??

  1. Norma Madeo

    Totally, totally awesome!!! How fortunate for you to be in that area. I remember Woodstock like yesterday… Had Nicole not been 3 months old… I probably would have been there.
    Thanks for keeping up with Mindful Meals… I thoroughly enjoy it!! xo

  2. Mom

    40 years ago!! Where was I during Woodstock? Changing diapers. How boring! But I am a hippie at heart so Peace, Love, and Happiness 40 years later. The food looks beautiful, but where is the mind altering goods? No Vino? Come on girls, wasn’t Jupiter aligned with Mars or the moon in the 7th Planet? All I can say is Far Out, Groovy!

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