Wakame & Wackiness


Two years ago I had thought about doing a coffee table book.  The book was going to be strictly photographs and titled “Life Oddities.”  I realized that probably a lot of people didn’t have the same sense of humor that I had, and the only oddity may be my face plastered on the back author’s page. So for example, I had a great shot of a huge box that was delivered to my condo.  The UPS man actually laid my welcome mat over the top of it, I guess to “disguise” anyone from seeing it???  Really?

This book rolled over into all the oxymoron things I saw on t.v. (drug commercials, etc)  and then spiraled into food.  Anyone remember way back McDonald’s had the boneless rib sandwich.  Aren’t ribs technically bones? Here’s a few more that make me laugh…airline food, jumbo shrimp, non-dairy creamer, vegetarian hamburgers and natural additives.  Okay so what is the point of this blog, well two more crazy things I saw.  One was a commercial for Splenda with Fiber and me asking why in every sushi restaurant you go in does the seaweed salad glow green?

First the Splenda. An artificial sugar introduced in 1999 and pulled in a whopping $574 million for the company in 2008.  Equal was totally pissed off and sued them in 2006 for false advertising. Seems their slogan was “Made From Sugar – So It Tastes Like Sugar”  The new slogan is “Starts With Sugar, Tastes Like Sugar, But Not Sugar.” The  “REAL” sugar industry is mad as heck too. Check it out here.  My concern is artificial sweeteners as a whole. Your body does not recognize them and what is the long term effects of putting them into your system?  It upsets me that American’s diets are so off the mark that now to actually get all that processed food through us we need fiber added into our chemical sweetener.  C+C Music Factory had a song in 1999 called “things that make you go hmmm.”  (1 pack of Splenda w/fiber has 1 gram of fiber)

Here goes..

1 av0cado = 14 packs of Splenda

1 cup of black beans = 15 packs of Splenda

1 cup of chick peas= 12 packs of Splenda

1 apple = 3 packs of Splenda

1 banana= 3 packs of Splenda

We all use sugar and just want my peeps healthy…remember you vote with your dollars. And at a healthy dose of 30-35 grams of fiber needed a day, I figured that was a lot of Splenda!

Now onto that glowing green seaweed salad that I just love.  Why does it glow green???  Sadly, artificial color Yellow #5 and Blue #1.  Mix those together and what do you get??? GREEN in my salad?? For Real??

Isn’t most seaweed green already?  And to make matters worse the sugar added is HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (will save that topic for another blog).  We had a great class at NGI about seaweed and all the health benefits it imparts.  I decided no more preschool mixing of colors for me, but I wanted the real deal seaweed salad.  I got the recipe from this seaweed cookbook. Our teacher at school also has this lovely cookbook. Here is a quick easy read about all the benefits of seaweed.  I remember our teacher saying that when she started eating seaweed, it felt like her body had come home.  You can get seaweed at any Asian store and I know Whole Foods carry it as well.  Here is the recipe and I hope you enjoy!

First you need to make some marinated soy sauce:


10 oz. salt free tamari **see note**

2 – 2″ pieces of Kombu

2 peeled and sliced garlic cloves

1-3 whole dried chili pepper


Pour Tamari into a bowl. Add the Kombu, sliced garlic and chilies. Let marinate for about 30 minutes and return all the ingredients back into the bottle.

Next you will need:

1 oz. of Wakame

3 tbsp. marinated soy sauce

3 tbsp. rice vinegar

2 tbsp. sesame oil

1 tsp. sugar ( hmmmmm)

1 tsp. white miso

1 tbsp. sesame seeds

1 tsp. dried red chili flakes


Soak Wakame in cool water for 5 minutes.  Boil the water and cook Wakame for 2 minutes.  Drain, cool, and slice thinly.  Mix Wakame with the rest of the ingredients.  Top with sesame seed and red pepper flakes.

**Tamari is the real deal soy sauce.  No artificial caramel color or artificial fermentation.” It is organic and gluten free.**



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