Peking Duck & Flying The Coop

DSC01587Last month I had read an article in the Chicago Tribune about Peking Duck. The food writer Kevin Pang had gone to Beijing to try their famous Peking Duck. He wanted to see what was available in Chicago. At the same time a woman named Kelly Cheng from Chicago was visiting Beijing based on an article she had read in the Wall Street Journal. This article also talked about the world famous Peking Duck. Kelly works at her family owned restaurant Sun Wah and has been serving Peking Duck since 2007. There is an art to carving a duck at table side and Kelly wanted to learn first hand how to hone her skills and bring it back to Sun Wah.  So on a Saturday afternoon boarding the Red Line, Sun Wah’s Peking Duck was a must. For $32.00 you will get a Peking Duck sliced table side, soup, fried rice, and dessert.  Just a little FYI…this meal will serve 8 people and all their relatives!!!

Kelly was incredibly personable. She talked about her trip to Beijing and gave a full Peking Duck 101 lesson. If you go and Kelly isn’t carving, here is the scoop.  You will be given some steamed buns from Taiwan which you place the carved duck inside.  Top off with raw carrots, leeks, and pickled radish. Drizzle some hoisin sauce on top and prepare yourself for one of the most delectable  food experiences ever.

DSC01585The real art of Peking Duck is to get the slices with the right amount of crispy skin and meat. Sun Wah is moving on the 15th of this month, one block north and will be opened up by the end of the month.

And now for some great news!  Mindful Meals (a.k.a. me) is moving to Chicago.  After 5 long months of trying to secure a job, the “bad economy” has turned in my favor.  A decade ago, (did I just say decade???) I used to live in Chicago.  It was there through two friends, that the possibilities of food opened up for me. Emily taught me about healthy food, while Bret taught me decadence. My goal for Mindful Meals Blog is to still write about great healthy food with some interesting Chicago places thrown in.  The Chicago food scene is really vibrant with a focus on local & sustainable menu items. There are underground gourmet dinners, bike tours that focus on food, and some of the top chefs in the U.S. have restaurants here. I can’t wait to share my experiences with all of you.  I hope to encourage everyone to try something new, step out of your “cooking”  box and continue to put healthy food on your plates.

Up next week…Iron Chef lands in Lutz, FL!  Thea’s Book Club vs. Julia’s The Art of French Cooking.  Stay tuned for the winner.  (I’m putting dibs on Mom!!!)



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