The North Pond

DSC01753Today was the perfect fall day.  The air was crisp, sun was shinning and  decided to head to Lincoln Park. Found these cool statues along the way.

DSC01749DSC01750Of course the real reason for heading to Lincoln part was to visit the pond there called “North Pond.”  Back in 1912 when the pond used to freeze over there was a warming shed nearby.  Flash forward that warming shed is now the “North Pond” Restaurant.  And it contains within Chef Bruce Sherman, who was nominated this year by the James Beard Foundation as one of the top chefs in the Great Lakes area.  The menu is all based on seasonal food and the chef works with the local farmers to plan his menus.


So, with my first paycheck in over a year, it only seemed fitting to treat myself on this glorious day to a brunch fit for a Queen.  It is a three course menu that made me want to pinch myself because it was so delicious.

First course was smoked trout.


Second course was a frittata with Chanterelle mushrooms with warm, slightly salted chips.


And the final course was a cranberry/mixed nut tart with cranberry sorbet.

DSC01758If you are ever in town on a Sunday, head over to the North Pond for brunch.  It was a real treat.

DSC01752And speaking of cranberries, they were available this week at the farmer’s market and have some cranberry-orange bread in the oven now.  Stay posted for the recipe!



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2 responses to “The North Pond

  1. Norma Madeo

    Wow!!! Chicago looks like such a cool City!! Thx for sharing the photos…And, the food looks like it’s fit for a gourmet’s palate!!
    Glad to see you’re enjoying your new surroundings!!

  2. fortyonthemat

    It is beautiful here! There are so many places to see before the cold weather hits. The North Pond reminded me of the Boat House in Central Park.
    Leaves are changing and couldn’t be happier.

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