Spooktacular Good Time


My dear friend Kelly came into town this weekend.  I was a bit worried because I had to work late and couldn’t get her at the airport, but arrived home to find her enjoying some Pinot Noir and catching some zzzzz’s on the couch.  We had about a day and a half to get in as much as possible and after drafting up a list of items to do and see, we settled on…what else shopping FOOD!

Friday night our reservations were at the Green Zebra.  This is a vegetarian restaurant located at the northern part of Chicago.  It is on the corner of a very inconspicuous building and if you aren’t looking for it, you could miss it. Like we did-twice!  I had dined here about four years ago and had remembered the food was good. We ordered three dishes, only because the waiter insisted the servings were small and we really needed to order 3-4 dishes each.  Kelly and I have been friends for 26 years so we almost have this telepathic thing going on as the waiter was talking.  He rubbed us both the wrong way.  Even telling us we were going to be hungry with only ordering that few dishes;  however we knew there was pizza down the road and weren’t too worried about it!

On a positive note, each dish was beautifully presented and out of this world. We enjoyed every bite.

Here is what we got.  (ALL THREE DISHES!)

DSC01804Slow roasted Shitake Mushrooms, crispy potato, savoy cabbage.

DSC01805Anson Mills Farm Creamy Grits, pumpkin seed succotash, cilantro, fennel & Thai chili


Crispy Soba Noodles, roasted kabocha squash, chinese mustard, and chestnuts.

Kelly makes friends where ever she goes and got us a great tip for breakfast on Saturday at George’s Restaurant.  This is one of those old school diners that you are so happy to find.  The green vinyl swivel seats at the bar and the waitresses who have been there since the 80’s. Oh Yeah!

We drove a bit around the city and headed to Wrigleyville –  “Boy’s Town” for lunch at the Chicago Diner. Their slogan is “Meat Free since ’83.” Kelly was totally pissed that I was going to be able to frequent this place on a regular basis- it was so freaking good! We fell in love with everything; food, decor, and vibe. And a shout out to my pal Laura for telling me about it!


Polenta Lasagna

DSC01826Avocado Tostados

So as all the crazies came out for Halloween we parked ourselves at a bar, got a martini, (or two)  and watched the scene.  Here is a picture of our bartender (a.k.a. “The Green Man).



It was so nice to have Kelly here and only wished she could have stayed longer. It was a real treat showing her a bit of Chicago and having a veg-a-palooza good time!




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4 responses to “Spooktacular Good Time

  1. Norma Madeo

    Great photos!! I’m salivating while reading what you ate. Looks like you girls had a great time!

  2. Kelly

    I always have such a wonderful food filled (with a beverage) time with my friend Melissa!!!! She is the best time and she forgot to mention the wonderful breakfast she made on Sunday morning. Every minute with Mel in Chicago was truly a treat for me!!!! I can’t wait to visit again!!!

  3. fortyonthemat

    Pumpkin pie and eggs! Breakfast of champions.
    Miss you already Kelly! Gromit sends his love.

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