DSC01856Today Macy’s Christmas window displays opened and the tree was to be lit in the Walnut Room.  I met a sweet old lady who told me all the important things to see this holiday season.  It is so great to be in a big city and enjoy all the upcoming holiday events.  Although for just a moment, I felt like I was back in Tampa today.  The sun was out and it was 70 degrees.  No jacket required!


DSC01859After a bout of some major food poisoning this week, I decided to take it nice and easy and wean myself back into real food.  I found a nice Persian restaurant called Reza’s.  Thought I’d get a little pita bread, hummus, and falafel.  Ordered the vegetarian sampler appetizer and this is what arrived.

DSC01865I guess taking it easy on the food intake isn’t what Reza’s had in mind.  But I am happy to report the four bites I had were delicious.


Oh and before I forget my favorite part of Macy’s.  Got to love an elevator button entirely designated for shoes!




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4 responses to “Macy’s

  1. Kelly

    That look so beautiful. I know the City is going to be so pretty for Christmas. I am so sorry that you did not dig in to that wonderful plate of food. Hopefully you took it home and ate it later with gusto!!!

  2. fortyonthemat

    I’m on my third go round with it and still have tons left over. Saw the blue lights again while I was there and thought of you. Come back!! Poor Phil’s is calling-

  3. Kelly

    Hopefull you will always think of me when you see blue lights………cause I am blue light special!! I crack myself up!

  4. fortyonthemat

    You are a dirty martini special- that’s what you are!

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