Tofu Turkeys and such…

There is an organic bakery in Roscoe Village called Bleeding Heart that has been on the top 10 “go see” list in Chicago.  Michelle Garcia is the owner and found an interesting article about her. This is the first all organic bakery in the U.S. and to make matters even more special, she opened a second store…are you ready for this….three blocks from my place!  YEAH!  So I headed over there this weekend and couldn’t decide what to get.  I am a brownie girl all the way, so got a S’mores brownie and thought while I was at it, a “Smash” chocolate on chocolate cupcake.  She does a Top Chef cupcake of the week- which was all sold out…guess I’ll have to go back. Bummer!!


Three years ago, Bangkok for New Years seemed liked a fitting trip. I was fortunate enough to go with Kasma, who toured us around the northern part of Thailand for three weeks and spoiled me rotten on what true Thai food tasted like.  Since then, on my never ending culinary quest for Thai food like I had, Arun’s has been calling to me.  I think it calls for a special occasion and has been wait listed until then. However, my foodie friend Emily turned me onto Amarind’s.  And here is the secret 411…. Amarind’s chef was a protege for 10 ten years at Arun’s.  Fried snapper with three pepper sauce.  Just 10 minutes away.


And what is Tofu Turkey you might ask??  Well, with Thanksgiving right around the corner and me missing the ultimate meal at my parent’s home, combined with this will be my first “meat-free” Thanksgiving I happened to run across this article and couldn’t resist the urge to visit.


And this last part is dedicated to my father.  We traveled together up here to Chicago and over dinner at a buffet restaurant in Kentucky (where I was having a meltdown over the quality of food) he told me this.  “Melissa, if someone came to you and asked about eating healthy, you would share with them wonderful information.  But, everyone is making a choice on what they want to eat and it is not your place to judge.  When a person is ready to change they will.”  So thank you Dad- Mindful Meals is now trying to approach healthy food with information to educate people and then leave the decisions on what to eat and how to enjoy Thanksgiving up to one’s own conciousness.  Some links…

No Turkey- Thank you

Now what?

Fake Turkey- WTF?  Fughet bout it!

Free Range Turkeys



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2 responses to “Tofu Turkeys and such…

  1. Kelly

    OMG!! I am so hungry!!!
    I am checking into trying that Celebration Roast. Sounds great with butternut stuffing. I bet I would like it. I will let you know what I think about it as I am seriously considering trying it.

  2. fortyonthemat

    Let me know how it goes!

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