Sen Sushi Bar

Sushi…I think you either love it or hate it.  Most reactions I’ve heard are..”gross, raw fish.”  Back in the day, I decided to get a little daring and get the veggie roll at the grocery store. That rolls (no pun intended) into, maybe I’ll try some of that “imitation crab” in a roll (which is just an oxymoron to me; why don’t they just say what it really is..pulverized pollock with red food coloring).  And finally I attend a champagne tasting and sushi event put on at a favorite wine bar in Lutz, FL.  Then the sushi boat rolls out, but still not convinced sushi is all that good.

The craziest thing I’ve seen to date is a sushi tasting event in Tampa at the Florida Aquarium.  Yeah, that was a bit of a turn off, but hey, nothing surprises me in Tampa.

And the funniest thing I’ve seen is a sushi bar in Winter Haven, FL coining a roll, “The Bubba Roll.”

I’ve been to a few sushi places in Tampa, that were good (Samurai Blue & Sushi Alive). And if you never had this happen, go with someone who knows a lot about sushi and have them order. My pal Laura took me to a place called Sakura and ordered us the best sushi.  To this day, I have no  idea what she ordered, but it was soooo good.

And now that I am here in chilly IL, I wanted to get some really good sushi.  There are three places in town and after much research and debate I decided on Sen Sushi Bar.  Here are some great pictures of the place. Let’s just say, I ordered and decided right then and there, this was a mandatory once a week stop for me. My camera was unfortunately home, but I found this post and the guy got some good shots. I also love the fact that he is looking for sustainable fish at sushi restaurants. Click here for your own seafood card.

The second stop for me this weekend was La Creperie.  This place has been around for almost 40 years in the same location.  You walk in and it is a blast from the past. I meandered my way to the back and ordered up a mushroom-onion crepe done with buckwheat flour.  There is a great recipe I have been wanting to try in a cookbook I have using buckwheat flour, and was glad to actually try one done properly.  At NGI we had pancake/waffle/crepe day and made sweet and savory crepes.  Laurent, from France, wowed us all with his “three flip crepe fold” in the pan- all done with the bang of his wrist. And we were corrected by the European students in class, it is pronounced “crep” – short e, not crape- long a.

And what is buckwheat??

No, but I did so love the Little Rascals when I was younger,…we are talking about the food buckwheat

Well, it is a triangular-shaped grain harvested from the buckwheat plant and not at all related to wheat. You can get buckwheat in flour form or groat form, and it is also roasted which is then called Kasha. Russia is the biggest producer of buckwheat; growing 6.5 million acres, whereas the U.S. produces about 50,000 acres of it.  Buckwheat is a great source of protein and is usually only found in Health Food Stores.

Here is a link for some great recipes. And remember life is too short to eat the same darn thing (except Sen Sushi)…try a little buckwheat!  Mindful Meals is heading back to FL next week for the holidays..stay tuned for some exciting dishes coming straight from The Taste of Lutz (a.k.a. Mama’s House).



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2 responses to “Sen Sushi Bar

  1. Mom

    I tried buckweat in a crepe when I was in Vermont. Actually, I had it at a small farmers market that was over the border in New Hampshire. It was just a small stall and 2 ladies were making the crepes to order. I have to say I wasn’t a fan of the buckweat. Just a little too grainy for my taste. But I did try it. On another note, I am still on my search for candy canes made in the USA. I will keep you informed on how my search goes today.

  2. fortyonthemat

    This guy took years to perfect the recipe and it wasn’t at all grainy. You’ll have to try one when you come in June.

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