Erwin And Torie

I know!!! What is that you ask???  It is one of the most delectable cookies I have ever had the chance to eat. There are bits of chocolate, toffee, dried cherries, and oatmeal in it.  Enough said.

Back in 97′ I came across this recipe and have been making them at least once a year since then.  The credit goes to Torie Hallock, who is a friend of Martha Stewart.  Click here for the recipe.  Toffee pieces can be a little tricky to come by and have always used Skor Candy Bars; which for some reason only Walgreen’s carries.  Not too “Mindful” buy hey, no one is perfect.  And yes, I did the pricing exercise on these cookies.  Besides the crap Skor bar, every ingredient was the best of the best.  In the end, each cookies was .55.

In researching for recipes & restaurants for this blog, it’s always fascinating how something shows up on my radar.  I weaved my way through the enormous McCormick conference center after my teacher’s certification exam down to the train tracks and decided that a) it was freezing b) not a soul was in sight c) being a “safety-girl” it would be best to wait inside.  The place was dead and was a little wigged out that not a soul was in sight.  About ten minutes later, a security guard walked up and was so happy to have some company.  Ended up he used to be a high school teacher- turned cop. We talked for about 15 minutes and he handed me the “official Chicago visitor’s guide.  I went straight to the food section and was pleased to find a section devoted to the locavores.  That is someone who eats food that is only grown within 150 miles of  where they live.  And erwin’s was listed.

The first word that comes to mind about Erwin’s is quaint. You walk in and have that feeling like “food is going to be good and just sit back, relax and enjoy.”  I went for brunch and ordered the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon.  It had spinach, red peppers, scallions and goat cheese.  The potatoes had grilled onions and fresh sage in them.  And this it the first time I have ever been served multigrain toast. After reading Erwin’s reasoning behind his restaurant, it made dinning here a real treat.  This is a guy (and his wife) who care about food and where it comes from.  And not to mention pairing that with wine for their dinner menu.  I was taking pics of the food and was slipped a $20 off certificate on my next meal. (I’m beginning to discover my camera pisses people off or freaks them out)  So my peeps,  the next one to visit Chi-town, I say we go here for dinner, get a bottle of wine and enjoy some truly delicious food.  And because I always believe in letting your freak flag fly, I came across this crazy Valentine’s Day Ice sculpture on the way to erwin’s.


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