So I get this phone call, it seems I left someone hanging on one of the food pictures.  This certain someone asked for an explanation and since she has been my best bud for 26 years, I figured she was worth it!!!  So Miss Kelly Sue, here it is!

This was pasta (ravioli-style) stuffed with butternut squash.  On top was Gorgonzola cheese, red peppers, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and topped off with a little cream sauce.  It was out of this world. However, the reason I didn’t write about it was because the service was horrible.  I was downtown at Macy’s and ended up eating at The Walnut Room.

During Christmas time there is a lovely tree in the center room and it’s a nice place to get a reprieve from all the holiday shopping. The reason I went was because Macy’s has teamed up with some really good chefs; which is now called their culinary council.  Macy’s is trying to get away from the fast food concept and introduce some good food.

And Miss Kelly Sue is an amazing vegetarian cook, who I have asked to be a guest blogger here on Mindful Meals.  All she had to offer tonight was one leftover roasted carrot.  Ummmm…..yeah…she’ll be getting back to us.

And speaking of guest bloggers, I am going to have a real treat for everyone this week.  My mother doesn’t know it yet, but I am dedicating the next post to her breakfast.  She is whipping up, get this….homemade English muffins done on a griddle pan, which will turn into an Egg McMuffin to surly knock your socks off AND homemade cinnamon rolls. Guess who is taking the morning off to come join??  (Kelly, Starchy & Hutch, The Abominable Snowman???)  Stay tuned!



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2 responses to “Addendum

  1. Kelly

    Well when my friend says come over and my Mom will make us a breakfast “Tia” style then how can I say no. Can’t wait and it will be soon.
    Thanks for the explanation on the ravioli. Looks wonderful and I just had to know what it was all about.
    About me being a guest blogger my stuff is on the low calorie and figure friendly fair so it might not be anywhere near as spectacular as Mel’s but you can eat it with a bit less guilt…………

  2. Melissa

    Send pictures and recipes!! And had a blast this morning with you. See you in a few months!

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