Breakfast In Lutz

My mom has been baking bread like a crazy woman for the last few months.  She went to King Arthur’s in Vermont to take a class and lucky for us (her family), we have had the pleasure of some of the finest bread. Since I was back in Florida for the day, she decided to make a breakfast like no other.  First up, homemade English Muffins.  The sour dough took three days to rise and get ready.  Then it was cut and baked on a griddle pan to ensure tons of nooks and crannies.  The eggs and cheese were made with the same care to ensure they were the perfect size.  And what can I say?? Perfection!

And then the cinnamon rolls.  Mom asked that I bring back Penzey’s Vietnamese Cinnamon for the occasion.  This cinnamon…I wish you could all smell it…

The dough was prepped.Cut carefully and put in the fridge to rise overnight.The whole house smelled simply amazing.  Once the buns were cooked, mom whipped up the icing and spread it with Michael Jackon one -glove style.

Mixed in was a cup of my favorite coffee, my best girl-pal, and Dad.  The cinnamon bun recipe came from here and you can see step by step directions here.  What can I say, but THANK YOU MOM- it was so delicious and you put a smile on my face.

Up next…”Why all airports should have one of these….”



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6 responses to “Breakfast In Lutz

  1. Linda

    Wow! I can just taste that breakfast!
    Fabuloso, it doesn’t get any better than that except from Thea’s kitchen. Can I please move to Lutz? xxoo

  2. Norma Madeo

    I’m salivating…Linda told me about all the delicious bread that your Mom has been making…. Next time I’m in Tampa, I would love to see your Mom…and her awesome kitchen!!
    Hope all is well in your world.

  3. Melissa

    Hi Norma: I am in awe of my mom at times and so lucky to be around all her good cooking.

  4. Kelly

    I was the lucky one to enjoy it with Melissa and boy was it a great “Thea Style Breakfast”……..It is not better than that…..I went off my diet for this breakfast and it was well worth it!!!!!

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