Flying, Fries & Film

Airport food blows.  Not only are you paying a mint for it because they know you are trapped, but I’ve yet to find anything decent to eat.  Top Chef once had a quick fire that the chefs had to make a dish that could be served at an airport restaurant, but it must have landed (no pun intended) at LAX because it is slim pickings at TIA. So less than a mile before you get to the airport sits Ocean Prime.  It’s all about location!

Rarely do I comment on drinks on this blog, but this one was like no other.  Picture a martini glass with a piece of dry ice in the bottom.  On top sits a raspberry and  blackberry, plus a few that have been muddled.  The bartender pour over the dry ice vodka, creme de cassis, and champagne. And all at once the drink comes alive.  It bubbles and the berries are jumping around in the glass.  It’s quite the experience and oh so tasty.

At Christmas I had made a tuna appetizer that I had had at Ocean Prime Restaurant and was able to get a picture of it this time.

And the other one that Mom and I shared was the Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli done in wonton wrapper in a Golden Oak mushroom/garlic broth.  Dipping the hot bread in the sauce was soooo good!

As I got dropped off at the airport and walked by the trapped flyers dining at Chili’s, all I could do was smile and feel content with a full belly of delicious non-airport food.

Burgers!  My never ending quest to find a veggie burger worth talking about.  This afternoon took me into the city to try out DMK Burger Bar.

A little background.  There is a restaurant here called MK.  Back in the day it was the place to go every year for my birthday. Really elegant setting, food was top notch…you know..birthday celebration type place.  Well the chef Michael Kornick and David Morton of Morton’s Steak house decided to open a burger bar.  Want to read more?  Click here.  On the menu are twelve burgers, two of which are vegetarian.  So what I would like to report back is that the vegetarian burger was a bust, but the fries were out of this world.  The right mix of hot, soft and crunchy. And the goodness didn’t stop there, the fries were served with a truffle oil aioli.

A few things to share.  Awhile back a great movie came out called Food Inc. (Netflix now has it)  Michael Pollan (author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma) was on Oprah last week and here is a great clip discussing our food choices.  Also, starting late March,  ABC is starting a new show with Jamie Oliver called Food Revolution.  There is a great clip here.  He goes to tackle Hunington, West Virgina and the food epidemic there.  I guess this city has been coined “the fattest city in America.”  Should be interesting to see what happens.



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8 responses to “Flying, Fries & Film

  1. Hi Melissa – Laura sent your link so we can stay in touch. If I recall correctly, we saw Food. Inc. together then went out to eat dinner with very little appetite.

    Hope you’re well. Can’t wait to keep reading. And you’ve inspired me to get writing over on my blog. Toni

  2. Melissa

    Toni! Hi- I just spoke with Laura yesterday and your name came up. I guess you all saw my favorite yoga man- so miss him. Please continue on with your blog. You have so many amazing lessons to share – your public awaits.

  3. Mom

    What does dad always say,”Never order pasta in an Italian Restaurant”. I guess this goes for vegetarian burger/patty in a restaurant noted for burgers with chefs that are beef men. Stop the madness, eat a real burger when dining in a burger restaurant. But, who listens to their mom anyway.

  4. angie

    Hey girl, love the blog. I’m definately showing up to this party late but I’m reading a Michael Pollan book(in defense of food). Wow! Great book! Kind of “pulls back the curtain” so to speak on our food choices and why we make them.My husband is very scared, HaHa!!! Have you read “Food Rules”?Reading that one next, we have alot of allergies and asthma and adhd in my household, despite the fact that I nursed ALL 3 of my kids for 13months!!! Anyway, I’m on a nutrition quest presently and looking for advice. Love ya!

    • Melissa

      Hey! I am so glad you are enjoying the blog. I’m trying to educate without being preachy- show some options that are available and in the end hopefully encourage people to question what they are eating. Better late then never- so feel free to ask any questions anytime. I have a ton of resources from NGI, just let me know what your main focus is and I’ll send along some links or address it here in the blog. Got a sneak peek at Michael Pollan’s new book and seems to be a very informative quick read. Talk soon!

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