Valentine’s Day

I used to be so worked up about Valentine’s Day. The candy, the flowers, the dinner. Then I saw some statistics. 14.7 BILLION spent on the day. Where did V-day even began?  Oddly enough, it was two Christian martyrs that were executed on Feb. 14th and had nothing to do with love.  Then the priest who married couples secretly was all of a sudden coined “Valentine.”

Are lovers really forced to spend exorbitant amount of cash to profess their love to each other?  Shouldn’t we say “I love you” every day?  Few folks I know even say those words to themselves.

Enough of my diatribe.  How to spend V-day without all the pomp and circumstance?  Since I love chocolate and bakers go out of their way to showcase it on this holiday, I found the “place.”

Logan’s Square Kitchen. A sustainable kitchen that you can rent out as a commercial space to cook or hold an event at.  And today they were showcasing a “pastry market.”  It included 14 artisan, local, sustainable bakers. Plus tea and coffee.

Originally they were expecting around a few hundred customers, but seven hundred showed up. Oh, where to start?? I just came off of taking TWO teacher exams, 250 multiple choice questions and all I wanted was a nice cup of soothing tea. Porterouge was there. I decided to check out each table and then go in for the kill.

First purchase was my all time favorite red velvet cupcake from Flour.

There is nothing like a fresh red velvet cupcake with the real deal cream cheese frosting.  Knowing that all their ingredients are first class- this was one of a kind.

Then, since a local coffee roaster was in the house, and he was serving up “Red Line” Espresso, I had to go try it.

Don’t know the deal-e-o was on that thing, but the java was oh so good! Thanks Metropolis Coffee!

The other place that I had to get in on was  Floriole Bakery.  Word was out that this small bakery had the goods. They started out at a farmer’s market, gathered a steady following and thus opened their own place a few months ago.  I couldn’t resist the chocolate raspberry tart.

Show yourself some love and eat some exquisite chocolate today.  Not because it is Valentine’s Day, but because you are here now, living in the moment! XOXO



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4 responses to “Valentine’s Day

  1. Norma Madeo

    Happy Valentines, Melissa. Thx for another GREAT blog!!! I’m always salivating after seeing your awesome photos!!

  2. Melissa

    Just tried the chocolate tart with raspberry and it is sooooo good!

  3. laura

    You are the bomb Melissa. Can’t wait to catch up with you in your lovely new city.

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