rBST (really Bad STuff) or (Recombinant Bovine STigma)

Blog disclaimer: What you are about to read may totally gross you out and is controversial.  As always, I provide both sides of the story and let the reader decide.

First, being a teacher, I think definitions always help out. I saw a sign at a church a few weeks back that said, “Jesus was radically inclusive.” WTF?  Had to look that one up.

rBST really stands for Recombiant Bovine Somatotropin. Let’s break it down.

Recombiant = artificial DNA

Bovine= cow

Somatotropin= growth hormone

Essentially, it is growth hormones that are being given to cows made from artificial DNA.  Why are cows getting this?  It increases their lactation.  As always, I try to follow the money trail. Why do we need more milk?  Monsanto supplies rBST to the dairy farmers. If you don’t know about Monsanto, I suggest you rent the movie Food Inc. or The Future of Food.

I know, I know you say…but MILK, it does a body good.

This is where it gets a little unsettling… cows only lactate after they give birth to a calf. Dairy cows are artificially impregnated every year to ensure this. The female calves are taken away to become dairy cows and the males calves are either turned into veal or beef for our consumption.

And because cows are given rBST, it causes the utters to have mastitis (inflamed swollen utters) thus antibiotics are needed.  But thank god, the FDA has said that it is okay to have up to 200 million somatic cells in each liter of milk.  And what are somatic cells you ask?  In keeping it real, it is pus from inflamed utters. So the FDA has okayed that in each glass of milk you drink there can be up to seven drops of pus.

But, I said I would provide both sides of the story.  So here it is.  Monsanto and the FDA disagree.

Calcium, it’s good for the bones right?? There are 300 miligrams of calcium in an 8 oz. glass of milk.  Where else can you get this?

8 oz. of orange juice

1  cup of collard greens, spinach, or kale

This whole blog started because I thought I was buying quality butter and saw the picture above. Why was this statement put on Whole Food’s butter?  Got to love Google!

I quote, “Monsanto sued an independent dairy over their use of a label which pledged to not use artificial growth hormones. The dairy stated that their disagreement was not over the scientific evidence for the safety of rBST (Monsanto’s complaint about the label), but “We’re in the business of marketing milk, not Monsanto’s drugs.” The suit was settled when the dairy agreed to add a qualifying statement to their label: “FDA states: No significant difference in milk from cows treated with artificial growth hormones.”

So there you go.  Some say rBST is okay, others don’t. The infamous fork in the road. Where to go if you want quality dairy?  Check this site out or this one.

Oddly enough FOX13 in Tampa was reporting information on rBST back in 1996. They found documents from Monsanto which failed to turn over health concerns to the FDA about rBST.  Monsanto asked the journalists to change the story and they refused, resulting in both of them being fired.  Both reporters sued Fox and Fox filed a counter-suit of 1.7 million against them.

The European Union banned the use of rBST in 1990. Starbucks and Walmart no longer use rBST milk since 2008.

As consumers we vote with our money every day. Walmart felt the heat from “the people” and changed.

I’m not saying not to drink your glass of milk or have your bowl of ice cream, but be aware of where your milk is coming from, the conditions of the dairy cows and vote with your money!

I’m not hating, I’m just saying.



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8 responses to “rBST (really Bad STuff) or (Recombinant Bovine STigma)

  1. Melissa

    I’m happy you got a chance to read this info. You mentioned asthma with your kids and dairy is very mucus forming. You might look into almond milk. You can mix half almond-half milk to get them used to it, and then slowly move away from dairy. Try no dairy for 6 weeks and see if anything changes.

  2. Mom

    Monsanto!! The Evil Empire.

  3. Melissa

    Change only comes when each person decides no more and does something about it. Monsanto wasn’t named by Forbes as the business of the year on pus alone. The only way they will get the message is if we stop supporting their “business model.” Hit their pockets not their hearts!

  4. conradvisionquest

    after learning about monsanto, i will no longer support them, companies they own, or companies that support them. it is outrageous the things they do, and what’s more outrageous is that they do it right under our noses and no one cares (or even knows about it).
    as far as milk goes, there is no reason for anyone to drink cow’s milk, unless you are a baby calf. i loooove almond milk, which goes great in my cereal and you can even cook with it! yummmy
    thanks for the post… ~wendy

    • Melissa

      Completely agree! Thanks for visiting this blog and sharing your ideas. It’s people like you and anyone else out there who says “no more” that will begin making the shift in the country.

  5. Kelly

    A$$…….holes……..Very soon I am going to be afraid to eat…..or to weak after a trip to the grocery store to eat. I have to wear my reading glasses in the grocery store cause I read every label from top to bottom. Whew it is not easy.

    • Melissa

      It’s not easy and pathetic that we have to pay so much attention to what goes in our mouth. But you, our family, our friends are worth the effort. Change is never easy- and the first place it starts is with “us.” So thank you for reading the labels! Pay it forward and pass the word on. Let’s all say it together…”no more pus, no more pus.”

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