Restaurant Week

With 160 restaurants partaking in this years’ restaurant week, it was quite difficult to narrow things down. Priority one was someplace new.  Priority two was a kick-ass menu.  And number three was the most bang for my buck.

First up was Prosecco.  This place serves Italian fare from all 20 regions of Italy, plus by its name, it also has the largest amount of Italian sparkling wine in Chicago. The chef follows the seasons and creates dishes based on that.

The menu consisted of risotto crab cakes with a roasted red pepper aioli.  Farfalle Tartufate– bowtie pasta with sun-dried tomato, wild mushroom, asparagus, black truffle cream, shaved Grana Padano, white truffle oil.  Dessert was a Torta di Cioccolato -chocolate flourless cake, raspberry sauce, and crema inglese.

So how was it???  First course actually bordered on being burnt. The crab cakes reminded me of how you make pancakes and throw the first one out.  These had that same feeling.  Second course was out of this world. I am officially a truffle girl! Third course…come on…how could you go wrong with chocolate and raspberry?

The restaurant was really pretty on the inside and the service was exceptional.  I’ve been asked before by several people how do you go out to eat by yourself?  It truly does not bother me and in fact I often hear and see things that most people miss because they are with others.

Such as the “Flying Tomato” was at the Oprah show last Friday to talk about his gold medal and came into Prosecco afterwards. The gold medal was no where to be seen, but the waiter showed the table next to me his Iphone snapshot of them together.

The second restaurant I choose was Lockwood.  Philip Foss is the head chef coming from opening Le Cirque. Lockwood was named top new restaurant in 2008 by the Chicago Tribune and Open Table Diner’s Choice in 2009.

It is located in the Palmer  House Hotel.

The inside is really beautiful. Quaint little spots to sit and have a drink.  They even offer high tea during the afternoons.

When I sat down and they brought out a trio of butters and steaming hot bread, I knew that a good meal was ahead.  There was organic chive, roasted garlic, and good ol’ plain butter.

Starter was soup, followed by fish, and ended up with Bertha’s Brownie.

Have been trying to experiment with my flash and photoshop- some pics turned out too dark, but yeah that is still a lot of chocolate there.

Overall, Restaurant Week in Chicago was especially nice. It gave me a chance to try out some new places, with some great food, and the price just right.

Coming up this week…a birthday breakfast and Ramen Noodles at Mitsuwa Marketplace.


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