Spring Break Food Trail

Wednesday night my friends came into town and over wine and cheese, I prepped them for the big food fest that was to begin.  Thursday morning we drove up to Roscoe Village hoping to have breakfast at Victory Banner, but discovered they were closed for a holiday. Oddly enough, Kelly told me about a place in Palm Harbor, FL called Consciousness Blossoms.  It is run by the same Indian Guru and both menus looks the same. Kelly refers to it as “Awesome Blossom.”  So as I began to gnaw at my elbow from hunger,  I flagged a random stranger down and asked them to suggest a breakfast joint and was told that Orange was equally as good.

We were all pleasantly surprised by this joint.  I had never seen a pancake flight or champagne flight offered up for breakfast.  They use organic food here and support the local farmers as well.  And no trip can be complete with out a stop to Bleeding Heart Bakery for cupcakes.

We were going to a show that evening and convientally enough the theater was near Mana Food Bar. The small tapas plates of vegetarian food here never gets old.  I’ve sampled about 60% of what is on the menu and each dish has been lovely.

Afterwards, we stopped into Angels & Mariachis for Kelly’s first taste of a Cerveza Pacifico Clara! OLA!

Friday was a total food nirvana!  First up was the The Depot American Diner.

This place is run by a 5-star chef who wanted to bring some good food to a small town.  Check out the video here.  It was less than 2 miles away and a short 7 minute trip to get there.  This is what an American Diner should be about.  All I know is that from now on, my rear end will be parked at the counter on Sunday mornings, with the NY Times, enjoying the incredible food here.  We couldn’t pass up the fresh made donut holes rolled in cinnamon sugar with a hot chocolate sauce for dipping on the side.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  They were steaming when I tore one apart.

The sun was finally out, our bellies were content, and we got on the green line to visit some sights.  Carol stocked up on Vosges chocolate and Garrett’s popcorn.  Then we headed up to the 96th floor of the Hancock Tower for a cocktail and enjoyed the view.

Nothing like going into the woman’s bathroom and being surprised by that view.  Lunch was at the newly opened Francesca’s on Chestnut.  Since the magic word of the day was “please” and just so happened to use it with the manager, (seems he has a thing for good manners) not only did we get a delicious lunch, but dessert was on him! YEAH!

Ladies, can I get a “hell yeah” for the cannoli hook-up????

No trip to Oak Park can be complete without stopping into Poor Phil’s. Dinner consisted of equal parts, butter, garlic and beer.  Enough said.

Our last day started off with a stop at Logan Square Kitchen for the Pastry Market.  There were about 12 vendors all displaying/selling these incredible pasteries.

We grazed our way through and decided on some cream cheese brownies, chocolate bars, and blueberry crumb cake.

Lunch was suppose to be at Lula Cafe but the hour wait wasn’t going to cut it for us.

There was a lovely park across the street and a picnic seemed like a fine way to spend the afternoon.  Kelly was saying how she has yet to try a “Chicago Pizza” and low and behold two people came from across the street serving up samples of pizza from Ciao Napoli Pizzeria.

The slice wasn’t the true “Chicago Style Pizza,” but after trying it I could say “Ciao” to it anytime of the day.  Note to self- go back there soon.

The final evening was wrapped up with some fantastic vegetarian sushi and one more pit stop at Poor Phil’s.

Ladies- thank you for an amazing weekend!  Coming home from Poor Phil’s will go down in the history books.  Good luck on your Chicago detox diet and I’ll be sending you virtual hugs from the The Depot next Sunday!



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6 responses to “Spring Break Food Trail

  1. Linda

    WOW! I just gained 5 lbs just reading about this. IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU HAD A FABULOUS TIME. I WANT TO GO!
    xxoo Linda

  2. Kelly

    Linda, try eating it. I am feeling it today. Boy I think it was more like 10 pounds but worth every fab bite!!! Cant wait to go back and do it again!! Melissa was the best hostess ever as usual and Carol was a terrific traveling companion and will forever be one of my “party people”!!!!

  3. Sounds like a great trip! And a yummy one!

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