Appetites and Air Guitar

This weekend was full of wonderful happenings.  Louise came into town and we were pleasantly surprised that the Magnificent Mile was full of tulips. This happens every spring here in the city and what a sight.  Click here for some more pictures. Every sidewalk, every side street for miles was full of these beautiful plants.  Being back in a city that has seasons has been such a treat.

But before I get to the food, first things first.  The Regional Air Guitar Championships!  A few years back my friend Carol told me about a documentary called Air Guitar Nation.  It was by far one of the funniest things I have ever seen and knew that someday I had to see it live.  There is only one person I know who would be opened minded enough to go with me and that was Lou.  It just so happened that her business trip here coincided with the Chicago show.

It was an hour of air ripping, stage leaping, spandex pants good time!  Some of the contestants were: Old Glory who wore leather red/white/blue pants and got chants from the crowd “USA, USA,”   Rocktopuss, AirLeigh Legal, Nordic Thunder, Sanjar The Destroyer (STD) and Romeo DanceCheetah (who actually had an on button to light up his costume.)  *See picture*

I know you are all dying to know who the winner is and lucky for you readers I was able to catch some pics of Nordic Thunder!!!  I also have video on my camera and was able to catch his full air guitar-ness. Click here for some enjoyment!

Okay, now onto the food.  It is really fantastic to have foodie friends who love a great meal. First stop Friday night was Lula’s which I’ve written about in some past blogs.  Great food, every dish, super fresh and never disappoints.  Saturday morning began with breakfast at the Depot Diner- and lunch was at a place that recently opened up on Michigan Avenue called The Purple Pig.  As you walk in there are these great big communal tables.  The restaurant has a great feel to it and the food selection is right on.  We ordered the three best selling cheeses they had and two salads.  Our cheese was a triple cream, goat, and hard/salty Pecorino.  One salad was artichokes and potatoes with a grainy mustard vinegerette and the other was a roasted carrot/avocado/fennel. One of the chefs is Scott Harris of the Mia Francesca’s restaurants, so I knew it was going to be good.  This is a great place to get a nice glass of wine and some light appetizers.

Dinner was at Keefers. The restaurant has this great arching bar that is perfect for sipping wine and enjoying I would say anything on their menu.  The crab cakes were a close second to my mom’s!  No added bread filling there.

Sunday was a fantastic and filling breakfast at West Egg.   And lunch ended up being at a quaint little find called Atwood Cafe.  It is attached to this boutique hotel called Hotel Burnham and had a little bit of Parisian feel to it.

Thanks Lou for a great time this weekend.  My cheeks are finally back to normal after an hour straight of laughing at the Air Guitar Championships!

Stay tuned for next week- plantain wraps and a cheese show.


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