Parody & Oddities

I came across this commercial from Saturday Night Live and had to laugh. On the heels of this week discovering a few things in the news, I can see why SNL came up with it.

KFC just came out with the “double down” sandwich.  That’s right, no more bun.  In it’s place are two thick fried chicken breasts with two pieces of bacon and cheese.  Only 540 calories and 1380 mg of sodium.  I’ve also learned that those unused buns are going to feed the hungry in homeless shelters. KFC’s market share in 2009 was $16.1 billion and with advertising at $235 million.   Just something to ponder.

And IHOP has come out a new breakfast special called pancake stackers. Two pancakes filled with cheesecake topped off with a strawberry compote and whipped cream plus two eggs, bacon & hash browns.  They haven’t published the calorie content on this one, but if you get the same thing on the menu, (without the cheesecake filling) total calories are at 1250. Senior Vice President of Marketing Carolyn O’Keefe said, “It’s an opportunity to give our guest another reason to come into IHOP.”

And really, I can’t make this one up either. The National Milk Producers Federation has written the FDA asking that the term “milk” be only reserved for mammals that have lacteal secretions.  I guess they are pissed off that the Soy people are using the term “soy-milk.” How dare they!!  The spokesman for the milk industry said, “the FDA is letting the bastardization of dairy terms proliferate.”  They even have a Facebook page “THEY DON’T GOT MILK.”  (290 friends so far- scary!) Seriously, here’s the link from USA TODAY.

The article states that sales from cow’s milk in 2008 was at $12.3 billion  and soy “milk” was at $1 billion.

Hey Mr. Galen, we all know that soy beans don’t have teats! Give it a rest dude!



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3 responses to “Parody & Oddities

  1. Mom

    OH no what next?? No MILK weed, Milk Thistle, Milk of Magnesia, or the Milky Way. Lets sue Hollywood for the movie Milk. What is the world coming to?

  2. Emily

    Have you read End to Overeating by M Kessler? I am not a fan of chain restaurants, but that put a whole new spin on them for me….

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