Strawberry Freezer Jam

Plant City, Florida is home to some of the best strawberries and biggest festival celebrating their bounty. Living up north now, I had forgotten just how delicious Michigan strawberries were.  They are smaller than the ones in Florida, but I think that just concentrates the flavor that much more.

Back in the day, Mom had a huge freezer down in the basement.  It was always stocked piled with strawberry jam that I ate on a daily basis.  Lunch at school consisted of a strawberry butter sandwich. That jam was so sweet and good- one of those childhood memories that has always stuck with me. Mom would take my brother and I to a U-Pick Farm and we’d be there all afternoon picking strawberries.

A few weeks ago, Mom sent me a link for strawberry freezer jam- she said that this was the recipe she used. Once I saw how easy it was, I bought two quarts of Michigan strawberries at the Farmer’s Market and whipped up 10 jars.  I can tell you this, I will never go back to store bought jam again.  Really, it was that easy.  The jam is so bright and vibrant and tastes just like it did over 30 years ago.

You can use any fruit for the jam.  The directions are on the back of this packet.  Basically you mash your berries, add sugar and this pectin.  Stir for a few minutes and  pour into jars.  Let set for 30 minutes and THAT IS IT!!!

The jars and pectin are sold in the same isle of the grocery store.  I’ve seen them at hardware stores too. The finished product ended up costing about a $1.00 a jar.  I used quality sugar and the strawberries at their peak.  Looking forward to making different kinds of jams and stock piling for the winter months.


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