Blackberry Lavender Ice Cream

Lately it seems, the odder the ingredients, the more I’m saying “game -on.”   Summer is still here with a sweltering force and all I can do is think….ice cream.  Which leads me to this recipe.  Goats milk, lavender, and blackberries.  Uh, yeah…sign me up.

Sometime back I had acquired an ice cream machine with grandiose dreams of  sorbet flowing out of it on a weekly basis.  However, from the cleanliness of the pieces and my mother’s remark, “I didn’t know you had an ice cream maker,” that obviously never happened.  Being berry season now here in Chicago, it only seems fitting to dust off the ice cream machine and churn baby churn. Or better yet, plug it in and flip the “on” switch.

This stellar recipe comes from a blog I recently came upon.  Get this, the lady is cooking all the recipes from Alinea’s Cookbook.  Just the idea that I could reproduce 1/325th of what I had at Alinea, had me chomping at the bit to try her recipe.

So where do I start….okay guilty confession….the day I made it, I had three bowls.  Three bowls of “holy crap batman, that just came out of my ice cream maker.”  Sometimes it takes the right recipe to dust off an unused appliance and this ice cream sealed the deal for me.  There’s no turning or should I say churning back now.

And in the honor of cooking with the seasons, I’m forced to make another batch this weekend. I scream, you scream, we all SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!


2 cups of goat milk

3/4 cup sugar

pinch of salt

1 quart of blackberries

6 egg yolks

2 cups heavy cream

dash of vanilla

1 tbs. food-grade lavender  (Whole Foods has it with the loose tea)


1)  In a saucepan, warm on medium-low heat the goat’s milk, sugar and salt.  Warm enough to just dissolve the sugar.

2) Add lavender, stir to combine, and turn off heat.  Cover and steep for 20 minutes.

3) Pour cream into a  separate bowl with mesh strainer.

4) In medium size bowl, whisk the egg yolks and set aside.

5) After 20 minutes, strain out the lavender.

6) Reheat goat’s milk mixture on medium heat.  When warm, gently stir in 1 spoonful into the egg yolk mixture.  Adding about 6-8 spoonfuls to get the egg yolks warm so they won’t curdle.

7) Add the egg yolk mixture back into the goat’s milk.  Continue to stir until mixture begins to thicken and can coat the back of a wooden spoon.  Approximately 10-15 minutes.


Perfect! Run your finger across the back of the wooden spoon.  The thickened milk mixture should “hold the line” for a few seconds.  This effect is called “nappante.”

8 ) Turn off burner and pour mixture through the mesh strainer into the heavy cream.

9) Add vanilla.

10) Remove strainer to get rid of all the nasty bits.

11) Cool completely.

12) Just before churning, put berries in a bowl and gently mash.  Mix in with cream mixture.

13) Follow the directions for your ice cream maker and savor every bite.



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5 responses to “Blackberry Lavender Ice Cream

  1. Mom

    This looks delicious. And the pictures are great. Love the berry smiley face! Oh, please don’t make me buy another large, hard to store appliance. Still have that pasta attachment to my mixer pristine and in the box. But how can you live in Florida and not make ice cream? Can you hear me screaming now!

  2. Melissa

    I have four containers here, so in a few weeks you can enjoy the ice cream and not have to buy another appliance. Although, after you taste it, you may have the urge to do so!

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  4. Making this recipe this weekend, and have a question- how many quarts does this make?

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