Mindful Meals For Kids

Hello Everyone!

I have been working on a cooking project and wanted to share the exciting news…

Mindful Meals For Kids starts tomorrow.  If you’ve tuned into the facts lately, the obesity rate among children is at an all time high- it has tripled in the last 30 years.  That means that roughly 20% of children under the age of 12 are considered obese.

Children today are leading a more sedentary life style..T.V. Xbox, Gameboy have taken over instead of outdoor play.  Combine that with sugar-laden processed foods…these children are looking at a really scary unhealthy future, if change doesn’t happen.

The culinary school I attended focused on eating healthy whole-foods. I’m bringing this philosophy  into the classroom where I teach.  Each Friday I will be cooking a healthy dish with the children.  It is my hope to inspire a mind shift not only the children, but the parents as well. Let’s stay to the outer isles of the grocery stores and cook healthy!

The recipes will be quick, fun and easy. You’ll find a link on the home page to sign up for the recipes.  Should you have an urge to support this project with my students, feel free to donate to the cause.  There is a contact button on the website.


Thanks for tuning in!



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2 responses to “Mindful Meals For Kids

  1. Norma Madeo

    Mindful Meals for Kids…. FABULOUS idea!!

  2. Melissa

    Thanks Norma! I had so much fun with them today. Looking forward to a great school year.

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