Last month I posted about making Creme di Limoncello. The Meyer lemon rinds have been soaking in Everclear for a month and the first batch was ready to be made. The recipe to be used was from here. After much anticipation I took my first sip, expecting one of Puccini’s arias to be playing in my head, instead I got, “WTF, this tastes like A*$.”

I decided to go back to the source to dissect and infiltrate for more information. I snagged a table near the bar and got a super friendly waiter.  So far so good.  Ordered up a glass of the creme di limoncello and stalked him like a panther. He opened the cooler door, reached in, “crap he’s blocking the bottle…wait, wait, he’s turning, there it is…” “WTF???”  A Carlo Rossi jug?  Guilana fills Carlo Rossi wine jugs with her limoncello?  Say it isn’t so.

Okay, time to call in the big guns. I laid my cards out on the table and came out with it…What’s the deal with Guilana? That led the waiter introducing me to Antonio- who happens to be her next door neighbor. He told me she had lived in Italy and this was her grandmother’s recipe. Antonio happened to be over at her house visiting one night and she poured him a glass.  He enjoyed the limoncello so much, he ended up having the folks at Publican try it and the rest is history. Well, I asked if he knew what was in the recipe and spouted off the same ingredients I used. He told me Italian food takes on the taste of the person making it. And that many Italian families have their own coveted recipe for limoncello.  In other words, “nix-a on the recipe-a.”

I left the restaurant more determined whilst thinking about what I liked about Guilana’s limoncello, It was time to revise drastically the paint primer I had back in the refrigerator. After a few trips to the grocery store and more times than I wish to count adjusting the flavors, I eventually arrived at…drumroll please………Creme di Melicello. And yes, it ROCKS!!!!

Check your stockings at Christmas time, there just may be a bottle waiting for you!



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2 responses to “Melicello

  1. Linda Miller

    “Melicello” — you go Girl! xo

  2. Melissa

    Can’t wait for you to try it at X-mas!!

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