When It Just Won’t Stop Snowing


More snow on Sunday and Monday…it just won’t stop.  So I decided to take on a small project and make Dorie Greenspan’s Chicken B’stilla from Around My French Table.  This is a Moroccan dish that involves marinating chicken thighs in onion, garlic, coriander, cinnamon, and ginger.  This mixture is then slowly cooked in chicken broth.  The meat is removed from the bones and the liquid is cooked down.  You mix in a few more spices and wrap the whole thing in filo dough.   It’s baked off and you are left with a nice hearty and extremely flavorful dish.  In the spirit of French Fridays With Dorie, I won’t post the recipe.   However, you can find it in her cookbook on page 222.

Valentine’s Day is approaching and plan on attending a champagne and chocolate tasting along with a pastry fair at Logan Square Kitchen.

Poor Phil’s is having $9.99 lobster dinner until Feb. 14th.

Restaurant Week is coming up and have three places lined up- so stay tuned.

Has anyone tried the the double chocolate & banana tart from Dorie’s book?

Until next time friends…eat good food, travel with a shovel, and enjoy the snow!


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