Champagne & Chocolate

As I look back on my memories of champagne and chocolate, it is quite comical. Champagne was this really disgusting beverage that was only had at weddings and chocolate consisted of Hershey’s Kisses.  Over the past few years I’ve had the great privilege of drinking some spectacular champagne and discovering some chocolate that left a smile on my face for days.

I went to an informative chocolate and champagne tasting at House Red for Valentine’s Day. This is a wonderful local wine shop in Forest Park.  The owner Neb, supports small wineries and once the winery gets over 2000 cases of production he often will stop carrying it.  Luckily for his customers he has a passion for really great wine & champagne.

A few champagnes that stuck out was one by M.Lawernce.  They are based out of Suttons Bay, Michigan and have been crushing grapes since 1978. In effort to keep this blog clean, you can click on over and see the name of the champagne. It did lead to a lot of laughs and jokes around the table. Second up was a Prosecco by Fabio Ceschin.  Unfortunately, there’s not much info about this champagne on the internet. All I can say is they’ve been around a really long time and the ‘Brut’ knocked it out of the park.  If you come for a visit, I promise to treat you to a bottle of this!

And last on the champagne list is a beauty I discovered after reading an article a few months ago.  The brand name is Gruet.  This winery is out of  Albuquerque, New Mexico. A family who makes champagne in France came to New Mexico to vacation and discovered the climate was perfect for growing grapes and land was cheap; 22 years later we can now purchase and enjoy their hard labor.

Prices run the gamut of $12- $15 a bottle.

Now the chocolate!!  A few years ago I lived in Brooklyn, NY for about a month.  The food scene there was taking off and Mast Brothers chocolate was on the up swing. It was a gloomy day, rain pouring down and I decided to go for a stroll.  As I walked into their store an overwhelming smell of chocolate hit me. Exposed brick, three drums spinning melted chocolate and the brothers working away…it’s one of those memories I won’t forget.  And after sampling one too many chocolate bars it still remains my favorite! It seems that   Fox & Obel are now carrying their chocolate….must make a pit stop there!

Two chocolates that were sampled at the tasting  and worth finding is this single-origin from Colombia

and this Valrhona Ampamakia 2010 Estate Grown chocolate.

If you surround yourself with good friends, people you love mixed in with champagne and chocolate…how is it possible NOT to be happy!



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2 responses to “Champagne & Chocolate

  1. Norma Madeo

    Love your Blog!!!
    You remind me of my daughter….with the Champagne & Chocolate!!

  2. Melissa

    Norma! I miss you- we must get together for a glass of champagne!

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