Lillie’s Q & Fish Bar

Growing up BBQ ribs were one of my favorite meals.  During the years of wearing braces, they were sadly gone from the menu.  My mom asked me the day the braces came off what I wanted to eat and I joyously said BBQ ribs and corn on the cob.  Several years later, I swore off ribs and literally had not had them for 15 years. (No fault of my mom’s, just a bad experience with high school FFA…don’t ask!!)

Reading up on the chef and knowing he had won the BBQ competition of all competitions in Memphis- I decided to put my biases aside and visit Lillie’s Q.  I can say that with 12 BBQ ribs, 1 lb. of tri-tip, coleslaw, BBQ beans, greens, and french fries staring me in the face, that I didn’t come up for air until my jeans were cutting into my gut and I had to say “Uncle.”  Holy BBQ Batman…it was so freakn’ good.

There are 5 different BBQ sauces available and the drinks are served in old style mason jars. Meat hooks dangle retro-like bulbs and the place is packed and loud. All I have to say is come hungry or don’t come at all.  Pictures suck I know…but let’s pretend I was going for that patina feel.

In the past there have been a few postings about MK (the old go-to place for my b-day) and the truffle fries at DMK’s Burger Bar.  The latest opening this month by talented chef  Michael Kornick is Fish Bar.

Sustainable, seasonal fish served up in a minimal-but hip atmosphere. In Connecticut the lobster rolls are served warm and dosed in butter (see Bon Appetit pg.26- April edition for you non believers), but all other places are served cold in a mayo- a.k.a. the ‘traditional’ style. Laura, friend, if you are out there reading, I miss our Corona’s and butter/lobstah rolls!!

One side that can’t be missed is the lemon, jalapeno, onion mix.  All thinly sliced, all deep-fried and topped off with a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Yeah, I’ll be back to both! Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE living in Chicago?


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