South Woodstock, Vermont

This is the second trip to Vermont and the place is still as pretty as I remember.  Nightly S’mores, Scrabble mixed in with non-stop ‘Words With Friends’ and yes the food.  Vermont is one of those places where fresh food is just a given.  Pasta, cheese, vegetables galore…it was truly a foodapoolza.

I don’t think my Mother expected the tavern ham sandwiches to be such a big hit, nor do I think my Father expected to make daily trips to the grocery store to feed the endless need of country bread and swine.  But hey, it is what it is.

Mom made dinner reservations for us at Cloudland Farm.  This is truly the quintessential place of farm to table. The farm is comprised of 1000 acres and they recently added a restaurant from wood straight off their property.  The dinners are organic, cooked with ingredients that are in season, and locally sourced.  In other words…HEAVEN.

The dinner consisted of braised beef  brisket with grilled green onion jam and red wine jus.

Garlic and herb smashed potatoes

Spinach & radicchio salad with sour cherry vinaigrette

Blueberry tart with buttermilk-thyme custard, cornmeal streusel, blueberry sorbet

Plus, Mom busted out two glorious bottles of Paloma wine. (I’ll save the scaling of fences and near death by St. Bernard story for another day to acquire that wine).

At one of the local farmer’s markets, Mom got her hands on a little basket of artichoke hearts.  And immediately this recipe popped into my head. Giada from Food Network made this one day and I remember the steam coming up out of the pot mimicking Mt. Vesuvius; hence it’s name Chicken Vesuvio.

Picnicking in the park before a hike up Mt. Tom, Dad’s defcom 4 repair of the coffee grinder, and Mom horizontal in a chair will go down as just a few of the treasured memories of the weekend. Thank you Mom for the ham sandwiches and all the laughs!  I love your people!


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