Double Chocolate & Banana Tart

This little gem has been on my radar since I purchased Dorie Greenspan’s ‘Around My French Table’ cookbook last year.  There is nothing overly difficult about this recipe, just a lot of steps involved.  I made the chocolate tart shell a day ahead. This was a straight forward tart dough – almost sable cookie-like texture.  Mix all the dry ingredients plus one egg yolk and  you are done.  I pressed the mixture into the tart pan with my fingers, froze it for 30 minutes before baking and was finished baking in under 30 minutes.

The next day I sliced and caramelized one banana then let the pieces come to room temperature.  Once the pieces had cooled, I placed them in the bottom of the tart form and begin making the ganache; chocolate, cream, butter…all melted up and poured directly over the top of the banana pieces. I let the ganache set in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.  Three bananas were sliced up and tossed with just a little squeeze of lemon juice to stop them from turning brown.  Once the spiral design was done, apricot jam was warmed up and  brushed over the slices.

Results: Bananas – Chocolate…how could you go wrong with that? This dessert had a great fudge-like texture mixed in with the subtle banana taste.  I was worried the chocolate shell would be overkill, but not at all.  This recipe is a keeper!  As long as you toss the banana slices with a little lemon and glaze them, the dish will hold up for a few hours.  I recommend bringing the tart to room temperature before inhaling.  Enjoy!



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2 responses to “Double Chocolate & Banana Tart

  1. Linda

    This has been on my radar too! You beat me to it. Yummy!

  2. Mom

    It looks just like the picture in the cookbook. Good Job.

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