In my constant search for the best breakfast in Chicago, I think I may have found the place.  A friend was in town and had seen this show about Nana.  About a 10 minute drive south of the loop in Bridgeport, sits this very unassuming place.  Large windows fill the place with the warm sun, festive Mexican music playing, and a menu that made deciding on a dish a very difficult thing.  A mother, her family, and a chef who isn’t afraid of butter and duck fat make up the cast of Nana.  A few things stood out…one is the fact they are procuring organic food.  Two…housemade chorizo and giardiniera..and third Rishi tea.

I have never been a fan of chorizo due to the burning sensation in my stomach it gave me and the aftertaste that seems to over power and linger for days.   This chorizo was like no other.  After watching the video (see link above), I can see why it tasted sooooo good.

Breakfast was huevos rancheros. Ola!  A crispy corn tortilla topped with chorizo, refried pinto beans, sauteed vidalia onion and red peppers,  scrambled eggs, poblano cream, guacamole, and queso fresco.  So fresh, so delicious…I had to have the leftovers boxed up.

And on a the pursuit of getting Melicello out into the hands of consumers stay tuned…Plant Chicago is the ticket!  I’m looking for investors…anyone interested??


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