4th of July – BBQ Ribs

4th of July…just reeks of ribs.  And when I heard that there was a rib contest being held, I jumped at the chance to try my hand at them.  At first, I thought the actual cooking of the ribs would pose the problem, since I didn’t have a grill, but oh no…it was the sauce that gave me the biggest heartache.

In total, I tried 6 different BBQ sauces…Emeril, Ina, Bobby, Greco. My kitchen and clothes were covered in the stuff.  Neurotic me made an Excel spread sheet to see what was similar, what was different, some were cooked, others pureed. What I did learn through this whole process was making a homemade BBQ sauce is worth the effort.

The following recipe from Alton Brown on braising the ribs was 100% easy and exact.  Alton’s recipe calls for taking the braising liquid at the end of the cooking time and reducing it.  I skipped this step and discarded the liquid. Instead I put a glaze of BBQ sauce on top of the ribs and put them under the broiler for 4 minutes.

The BBQ sauce is from Adam Perry Lang.  It is quite involved, but trust me it is worth making.  Total recipe yields about 7 cups; which leaves you more then enough to freeze for a second batch of ribs later on. After all the recipes I tried, this one had the best combinations of everything…spice, sweet and had you wanting to come back for seconds.  Here is the link.  As a little extra treat, I emptied the Jim Beam bottle and filled it with some BBQ sauce to bring to the table.  Oh yeah baby!!!!



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  1. Mom

    These ribs look delicious and I know they tasted as delicious as they look.

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