4 year Anniversary of Mindful Meals

Wow! I can’t believe it was four years ago that I started this blog.  It seems like yesterday I rented out my condo, sold my car, and headed off to New York.  If nothing else came from that experience, I think everyone should follow their dreams.  Living in NY/NJ for almost 6+ months was one of the best times ever. The friends I made, invaluable knife skills from Chef Barb at cooking school, and experiencing New York on a daily basis was beyond a girl’s dreams.  And to boot, cross-country manuevers of over 2900 miles to finally get a remarkable internship at Dirt Candy.  I still remember sitting on a couch in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) feeling so lost while reading a card from my Mom telling me to never stop reaching for my dreams. So much has happened in the last four year…I started a website cooking with kids, made my own liquor (and still dreaming about selling it), and moved to the best city ever…Chicago.  I have never looked back on my decision to leave the ‘safety net’ of life.  Thank you to all the great people who went along with me on this journey.  Your kindness,  love and support will never be forgotten.

However, the bigger question is what to make to celebrate this four-year event.  Something new?  Something big? Have a party?  No…it was looking back on the past few years and asking myself what brought me happy memories and I went right back to being 14.  Crazy I know, but whatever.

My Mom might not know this, but it was taco night on the weekends when we were young.  I remember her getting out the cast iron skillet and frying up flour tortillas.  We had chopped tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, and sour cream. The old silver electric skillet would be plugged in and turned to ‘high.’  She would brown the ground beef and add in Ortega taco seasoning mix.  I could eat those tacos all night long.

I decided to have ‘taco’ night. Homemade guacamole, homemade seasoning for the meat, and now that I was older a few Coronas!  The taco seasoning mix was from Alton Brown and the guacamole was from a recipe book  my grandma gave me a long time ago.  (Sorry I can’t give credit to the rightful owner..seems I ripped it out of a book).  It was all delicious and have been enjoying the leftovers for days now.  But know this Mom, your tacos are still the best..or maybe it was just you and I in the kitchen cooking together.

Guacamole fixings.  I swear the secret ingredient is cilantro!

Alton Brown’s spice mix for 2 lbs. of ground beef.

The moment before eating!



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3 responses to “4 year Anniversary of Mindful Meals

  1. Mom

    Looks delicious. I forgot how much chopping and prep work went into a simple taco. And it does seem that everything tastes better when we make it together. Maybe it is the wine!

  2. Dee Dee

    I am putting homemade tacos on my list of meals to make. I just need this inspiration to translate into action. Thank you for your blog. I truly enjoy it.

  3. Secondo Mama

    The tacos look good enough to eat! I’m going to have to try this. Yes, it hard to believe it has been 4 years. I have loved every blog you published. Made the meatballs and sausage last weekend. Will try the tacos this weekend, and you know me, I follow the recipe to a “T”. xo Secondo

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